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Ask Luna #179

From: Alicia Hey, Luna, how’s things? Here’s an easy one (I hope!). Alex mentioned in Taken that he doesn’t drink coffee. So, I find it odd that he meets people in coffee shops a LOT. I’ve been going through the … Continue reading

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New Series Update

I wrote a post a few weeks ago with some information on the new series that I’m writing.  I hadn’t been expecting to have any more news for you guys for a while, but it turns out things are moving … Continue reading

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Alex Verus #7 – Burned

(This is part 7 of a 12-part series of author commentaries on the Alex Verus books.  The master post with links to all the parts is here.) Burned was the second big transitional book in the Alex Verus series, and … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #178

From: James Hey, quick question if you’ve got the time: What areas of magical study are like the rocket science and the quantum physics of the magical world? Like, if a mage walked up to you (in a social setting) … Continue reading

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