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Welcome to my website!  My name is Benedict Jacka, and I’m an English author best known for my Alex Verus series.  This is my personal site for the Alex Verus series, my new series, my short stories and novellas, and all my other writing.

If you’d like to know a little more about me and how I came to be a novelist, take a look at the About Me page.  If you’re just interested in my most recent news, take a look at my blog, which is the most frequently updated part of this website – I put up a new post every week at Friday 9 A.M. GMT.  Any information about events or new book or story releases goes up there, as do updates about what I’m currently working on.  

For those who’d like a guide to the rest of the site, keep reading!

Alex Verus Series

If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you heard of me through my Alex Verus novels.  Here you can find a description of the series, an index of all 12 books, sample chapters for all 12 books, a series of worldbuilding articles called the Encyclopaedia Arcana, the Ask Luna posts, and information about Alex Verus short stories.  

New Series

The page for my new urban fantasy series!  Click here to learn more.  

Other Writing

This website has been on the internet since 2012, and over that time I’ve put up at least one post a week.  That adds up to a lot of content, and here I’ve organised some of the pieces that I think are worth preserving.  This includes author commentaries on the Alex Verus series, an explanation of how an Alex Verus book gets produced, and my guide for would-be writers.  You can also find some historical information about the children’s series that I published before Alex Verus, the Ninja books.  


Nearly all of my stories are traditionally published, and available from book retailers.  However, as of 2021 I’ve started self-publishing a small number of shorter stories that I’m selling directly on this website.  You can buy them here!


If you’d like to get in touch with me directly, you can send me an email here.  If you have a question, though, please first take a look at the FAQ – if you want to know something like “When’s the next book coming out?”, chances are you’ll find the answer up there already.