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Almost There

Yeah, I know, I said I’d do an Ask Luna for this week, but I’ve been spending all of my time working away on Alex Verus #6.  Deadline is Monday, let’s see if I make it . . .

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Bits and Pieces

Some miscellaneous news for this week: • Alex Verus #6 is into its final stages.  Word count is just shy of 90,000, which is about the average for one of my Verus books, but this one might end up running … Continue reading

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Still More Reprints

Another set of reprint copies of Fated, Cursed, and Taken in the mail today.  When the current book’s proving hard work, it’s nice to have the encouragement!

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Ask Luna #30

From: shadewalker Hello luna I notice a trend in questions of specifically an absence of a trend nobody asks you questions about you so i plan to remedy this 1. how does your day start 2. what lessons do you … Continue reading

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Conventions this August

Just because a few people have asked – no, I’m probably not going to be at Loncon (Worldcon) this August.  On the plus side, I should be at Nine Worlds. Work on Alex Verus #6 is taking up all of … Continue reading

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