Ask Luna #30

From: shadewalker

Hello luna

I notice a trend in questions of specifically an absence of a trend nobody asks you questions about you so i plan to remedy this

1. how does your day start
2. what lessons do you get at mage school also what lessons do you get from alex
3. did you ever get back at that mage who cheap shotted you at the tournament
4. have you gotten in any trouble with that dick levistus

well i hope these ques won’t be too troublesom

Nowadays my schedule changes from day to day, but it’s fairly steady from week to week. I have a weekly/fortnightly rota of classes in the mornings and afternoons – they change sometimes as people get moved around or as one class finishes and a new one starts. I think it’s kind of like the schedules university students have, though I never went to college so I don’t know for sure. I go duelling two or three times a week (evenings, usually) and I fit in lessons with Alex around the rest of my schedule. Tuesdays I work at the shop. At the moment I have early starts three days a week, and I get to sleep in the other four. Not too bad.

And the answers to the last two questions are no, not exactly, and yes.

From: BlackMass

hey luna just some ques about elementals
1. how come alex hasn’t summoned starbreeze
2. where do elementals come from earth or another plane of existence
3. do they have a hierarchy like kings and queens
4. alex says starbreeze was dumb but are all elementals dumb
5. do some elemnent mage go to elementals to learn how to use their powers better

1. Focus got broken. I don’t think he’s found a workaround yet.
2. No idea.
3. No idea.
4. Mostly, yeah, though there are stories of some special ones that are quite smart.
5. In the legends, yeah. It’s kind of a ‘raised by wolves’ thing. I don’t think anyone does it nowadays.

From: blade saint

just wondering some thing
1. what was talsid up to in russia
2. has levistus made any moves against alex
3. what is the tiger man’s name again and why are his palms backwards
4. is alex’s shop magically in anyway besided all the magically items
5. and finally who owned alex’s shop before him

Do you really need to come up with a new name for yourself with each message?

From: Solo

Hi Luna,
Alex once mentioned that there were more powerful diviners than him. Helikaon was one. And he said there weren’t many different abilities a diviner could use, like pathwalking etc. Could you list all of them, or maybe just all the big and major ones? Thanks, Solo

As I understand it, diviners have one big trick (seeing into the future) and a lot of little ones. It’s just that the big one is really big, and you can use it in a lot of different ways. The two main things Alex does are pathwalking (following one particular future a long way) and precognition (wide-angle scanning of lots of different short-term futures), but that adds up to a lot. There was an Encyclopaedia series on it a while back, you can read it here.

From: Tom

Hi Luna.
I have a couple of questiosn. 1. Is magic the basis for all myths/legends? Like were the Greeks and Egyptians aware of it, and so there mythology is based on it? And were there any mages that were in great positions of power in the normal world? Like Abraham Lincoln or Gandhi? Thanks

Some myths/legends definitely come from things that mages or magical creatures have done. Not all, though, and even the ones that were true originally have had a really major Chinese Whispers effect happen to them over the years. You do NOT want to know what mermen/mermaids really look like – the Disney version was not even close.

As far as I know, there haven’t been many national leaders who were mages (or if they were, they were good at hiding it). I think mages tend to prefer a ‘power behind the throne’ setup.

From: John D.

Dear Luna,

I was reading one of your earlier posts, where someone had forgotten an r in “friction” and typed “fiction mage.” That got me thinking, however – what is the most esoteric field of magic you’ve heard of in your time as an apprentice? And would it be possible for someone to be a fiction mage – somehow bringing entities or objects out of fictional works and into reality?

Also, forgive me if this has been answered at some point, but what does one have to do to “graduate” from apprentice to full mage in the eyes of the governing body of Light mages?

Finally, are there any connections you know of between Light mages and mortal governments? Nothing so sinister as Mind Masters running Parliament members (hopefully), but some kind of covert back channel between the bodies that govern mages and regular governments to smooth over issues that arise from problems arising from magic?

Thanks, and my best to you, Alex, and Arachne!

Weirdest field of magic . . . that’s a hard one. There are supposed to be some branches of fate magic where you can make predictions that are guaranteed to come true. That’s always seemed pretty strange to me, I’ve no idea how that could work. Never heard of a fiction mage, though.

To graduate from apprentice to mage (at least as far as the Council is concerned) you have to pass your journeyman tests. It’s something I’m been thinking about a lot more lately. It’s not like it’s going to be tomorrow, but it’s getting closer . . .

And yeah, those sort of back-room deals are pretty much exactly how it works.

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