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Ask Luna #140

From: Phillip Taylor When I read and think about the dramatic differences between mages like Rachel and Onyx and Richard and Morden, and even some of the other, older dark mages, I see a big difference. I wonder how that … Continue reading

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Reddit AMA Update

After listening to the feedback from you guys, I’ve decided to do the Reddit AMA after the UK release date of Fallen, ie after 10th October.  Unfortunately it’ll mean the US readers will have a little longer to wait, but … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #139

From: John Okay so I am not looking for an in depth analysis on the Light Council bureaucracy no one should be that cruel, but I am curious if you know the basics of how they are structured? Specifically…. 1. … Continue reading

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Fallen Review – Publishers Weekly

The PW review for Fallen is out!  Here’s an edited version:   The exciting 10th novel featuring British mage Alex Verus blows apart the series’ underpinnings and releases Alex’s power as well as his rage. Until now, Alex, a diviner … Continue reading

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