Reddit AMA Update

After listening to the feedback from you guys, I’ve decided to do the Reddit AMA after the UK release date of Fallen, ie after 10th October.  Unfortunately it’ll mean the US readers will have a little longer to wait, but hopefully that won’t be too troublesome.  

Book 11 is still gradually coming along.  

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2 Responses to Reddit AMA Update

  1. Laila says:

    Just finished books 1-9 on audible so I’m very eager to listen to Fallen. Do you happen to know when the Fallen audiobook will become available in the US audible store?

  2. Alicia White says:

    Ditto on Laila’s question. I love Gildart Jackson’s narration of the books, but I’d prefer Audible over getting a CD (although, I might splurge on that…).
    I have pre-ordered the book but would also like to get the Audible version when it’s available.

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