Fallen Review – Publishers Weekly

The PW review for Fallen is out!  Here’s an edited version:  

The exciting 10th novel featuring British mage Alex Verus blows apart the series’ underpinnings and releases Alex’s power as well as his rage. Until now, Alex, a diviner who can see many possible futures, has tried to play it safe during the escalating war between the supposedly moral Light Council and scheming, enigmatic dark mage Richard Drakh, focusing on trying to protect his friends and especially his lover, Anne . . . Alex realizes that he must stop reacting to outside pressures. Rather than just seeing the future as it might be, he must start seizing the future he wants . . . Considering how much lore has accumulated in the series, this isn’t an ideal place to begin reading about Alex’s adventures, but returning readers will be satisfied by how the story keeps building momentum and excitement. This remains a superior urban fantasy series that’s worth any reader’s time.

You can find the full review at the PW website, but I don’t recommend reading it, since it contains MAJOR spoilers.  (For this reason, I’m not providing a direct link, since I don’t want people clicking on it automatically.)  

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3 Responses to Fallen Review – Publishers Weekly

  1. James says:

    I would’ve bought this regardless of any revoew BUT I’m excited by what was said there and I am glad no spoilers were included!

  2. Kevin says:

    Huh, I don’t think regular readers would not be too surprised by the spoilers in the review, although I don’t see why they would reveal it this far from publication. Can’t wait to read how it happens though!

  3. Hasher says:

    I’m even more excited now!!! (And thank you for guarding against spoilers; those are always so frustrating! I’d rather see it all unfold with the story)

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