Ask Luna #138

From: William

With the disclaimer that this is Rachel we are talking about, when she was yelling to Alex about how he betrayed Richard in Marked, how exactly was he being selfish or in it for himself when he tried to rescue Catherine? How could that action be anything but attempting to help someone out, something a Dark Mage would never do? If he did not like taking orders from Richard like she said why didn’t Alex just leave without Catherine? Now Alex gaining power and the actions needed to get it might be less than scrupulous but that does not make like Richard since he is trying to protect you guys. And considering she needed Richard’s encouragement to become Deleo I don’t think she is in a position to talk about paying dues but what do you think?

Yeah, like you said, I think expecting Deleo to be consistent is a bit of a stretch. Honestly, I think Deleo couldn’t care less about what Alex does with one girl or another, or who he tries to protect. What really grinds her gears is that Alex keeps on disobeying Richard without anything happening, while she keeps on doing what she’s told and gets ignored for it. So far she mostly seems to take that out on Alex but you have to wonder how long it’ll take before it spills over.

From: Katie

Hey Luna how you doing! I just a few questions about Radiation magic and it subsets if it is not too much trouble!

1. Does Radiation magic consist of radioactive energy being thrown around or it just pure energy like fire or light magic?

2. Does Darkness/Shadow magic have elemental energy or it just used for concealment?

3. I remember Lightbringer (may he suffer for eternity) had light and force magic, but can light magic use elemental beams as well or would it be just blinding light that just stun?

4. And was Griff the earth mage (may he also suffer for eternity) in your first adventure actually a hybrid mage with force magic?

Thanks again you rock and are a real inspiration with your perseverance keep at it!

You’re welcome!

1. Electromagnetic radiation, as far as I know. So visible light, electrical discharges, lasers, stuff like that.

2. Both or neither, depending on the mage, but pretty much all of them have some kind of concealment effect.

3. Again, it depends. The more combat-oriented ones can use direct elemental blasts, others can’t do anything but dazzle or blind.

4. Wow, that’s a blast from the past. He was a pretty standard earth mage as far as I can remember. He could do the elemental-weapon thing, but that’s common enough that it doesn’t really qualify as force magic.

From: Ian

How have the Isolationist faction been handling this conflict with Drakh’s cabal? I can’t imagine they are happy with magic being in the open.

And before this open warfare what did they think about Dark Mages in general? If I recall Druss the Red was an Isolationist and he seems like he was against them but I get the feeling he is an outlier since he is heavily involved in the day to day of things unless this faction has changed? Mage factions are confusing.

The Order of the Cloak have a lot of practice at covering stuff up, so the fights haven’t been as much in the open as you might think. They just get their contacts in the police or the Home Office to cordon off the area or declare a military exercise or something. Only way it’ll start spilling out is if the Council start losing heavily enough that they can’t spare Keepers for cleanup duty any more.

Isolationist attitude towards Dark mages tends to be ‘we don’t want to deal with this’. Basically they want to do as little as possible and wait for things to blow over, since they think that fighting a war is going to cause more problems than it solves.

From: Waldo Butters

Hello, I was told that this was the address for one Mage Vesta also known as Luna Mancuso? My name is Waldo Butters, Knight of the Cross, and I am speaking on behalf of Harry Dresden who would like to get in contact with Alex Verus.

He has been having some serious problems with the Fomor, Mab, and the White Council not necessarily in that order, and since we hear Verus is a great at divination maybe they could help one another? Harry is quite adept at problem solving and with his unique style of negotiation he could do wonders with the British White Council, he has the Merlin’s number at least that is what he says, and those warlocks Drakh and Morden should be no trouble at all. He took out his own mentor in a fiery fashion and would be happy to show Alex some pointers. Anyways if you are interested I have more details that are better discussed in a more secure line via the Paranet, let me know what you think and I will get in contact with you that way. You used to be able to reach Harry in the Yellow Pages but times sure change don’t they? I was once an underpaid mortician and now I am the first Jewish Knight of the Cross! If that could happen imagine what the result would be if Harry Dresden and Alex Verus crossed paths!

Uh . . . that was different. Okay, send me a DM and I’ll see what I can do, though if you’re talking to Alex you’ll get pretty weird reactions if you tell him that Drakh and Morden are ‘warlocks who won’t be any trouble at all’. Also, I have no idea what a Knight of the Cross is, unless it’s the US equivalent of the Council or something.

From: Stanley

1. How is Vari’s relationship with the other members of the Order of the Shield now that he is a more active member? I think there are only about twenty of them so they have to work in some close proximity to each other, do they get along better now that he has shown he can pull his own weight so to speak?

2. Do you know if any of the other Order of the Shield’s members eccentric like Landis? Have you met any of them, and if so were than any different from the usual Guardian/Crusader Keepers you have had to deal with?

3. Does Vari have an official rank in the Order of the Shield? For that matter is Landis the Order of the Shield’s leader/Captain or some other senior role? I can’t imagine there would be too much bureaucracy since they are so small but there must be some form of command structure.

1. They’re starting to warm up to him, though it took a while. According to Vari they kind of treat you like a kid until they’ve seen you in a few battles.

2. They do tend to be a lot weirder than the Keepers from the other orders. Eccentric isn’t a bad description. There’s one who wears a cowboy hat all the time, and another who’s obsessed with tea.

3. Vari’s a journeyman. Landis is also a journeyman, in theory, but he gets treated with a lot more respect than that. Vari seems to think that Landis would be a Captain if he hadn’t pissed off the wrong people.

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