A New Reddit Sub

For a while now, the main place for online discussion of the Alex Verus series has been the Alex Verus subreddit.  I occasionally get questions about why I don’t have a forum here on this website – the short answer is that growing/administering/moderating a forum community takes a lot of time and attention which I can’t easily spare, so I’ve been content to let this sort of thing develop naturally.  And over time, the Reddit sub has grown to fill the place a forum would.

However, there’s actually a second Reddit sub for my books – r/benedictjacka.  It was created by some guy who was trying to use it for advertising to drive traffic to various seedy money-generating sites.  Fortunately it never got much traction and the creator eventually got banned, so now with the subreddit being unoccupied, I’ve taken it over and one of the moderators from the main sub has cleaned it up.

I haven’t really decided what to do with the new subreddit as yet.  Now that the Alex Verus series is over and now that I’m starting work on a new series, the Alex Verus books are gradually going to become a smaller and smaller percentage of my total body of work.  So there’s some argument for trying to switch over for a site named after me rather than my books.  This’ll take a very long time though (decades), so there’s no hurry.

I also might just leave both subreddits up and see what happens.  I find it kind of fascinating to watch online communities grow on their own.

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