Ask Luna #176

Name: Kevin

1. Are there augmentation rituals for lack of a better term that can increase a mages abilities that doesn’t have to do with Harvesting? And if so are they worth the effort like would they make Caldera and Slate a match for Vihaela?

2. Are there factions on the Light Council that are nationalistic/pro British as it were? I couldn’t understand for the longest time how Isolationists would be a political force but then like in real life there have always been leave us alone types and usually it had to do with nationalism.

1. No clue, honestly. I’ve heard of augmentation rituals, but I don’t really know how they work. But the general rule for stuff like this is that you don’t get anything for free – if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

2. You’re asking the wrong person about this kind of stuff – I’d have trouble even telling you the names of all the factions, much less what they believe in. It’d be pretty weird if the factions weren’t “pro-British”, though. Why would you want to be a member of any faction that wasn’t pro-your-own-country?

Name: Andrew


I was wondering how tracking spells work. Do they work differently depending on your magic type or is it kinda the same for everyone?

They’re different depending on magic type, but I think they’re all either living family (based off your biological signature) or universal (based off your magical signature).

Name: Andrew

Hello Luna,

So dragons can see the future and unlike diviners they can see past free will, right? So what happens if a dragon looks into its own future. Does it see every part of its life, unable to change any of it?

Okay, look, seriously. What goes through the heads of you guys when you’re asking stuff like this? Like, stop and think about it for a second. How would I know the answer to this? How would ANYONE know the answer to this?

It reminds me of how people used to keep on asking these endless questions about Richard or Morden. And they’d never be reasonable questions, they’d be ones like “Why did Richard do (random thing from seven years ago), do you think it’s because (random guess here)?” I started giving increasingly sarcastic answers along the lines of “go ask him” and eventually I think people noticed that it was getting on my nerves, but I’m not sure they ever figured out why.

Maybe I should try just making up answers. It’d be a lot easier and I’m not sure it’d make much difference.

Name: Andrew

Hi Luna,

Thank you for answering my question about hybrid mages:D

If magic is like a spectrum and mages are a small circle on that spectrum then what happens if their circle is in the center? If their circle was a little larger than average and they were in the exact center of the spectrum would that particular mage have a tiny bit of skill in every “element” of magic?

There is no circle. There is no actual giant magic spectrum where you can walk into the middle of it and pick a spot and get magic powers. It’s just a way of explaining it.

Name: Andrew

Hi Luna,

What’s your favorite Pokemon?

The one with four legs.

Name: Magnus

hi! How powerful can a mage or a magical creature get? what’s the limit?


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  1. Celia says:

    Luna is in rare form today! Lol. Even channeling a bit of Douglas Adams. 😉

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