Ask Luna #77

From: Jason

I was wondering about the basics of how one would go about enchanting magical items?

This is actually something I know very little about. According to Alex, to be good at making focuses and one-shots, you have to understand the theory of how they work very well, and that’s something I never cared about much. I can use items just fine – it’s a matter of figuring out how to press their buttons – but I’ve never been interested in how they’re made. I know mages who go in for that stuff have workshops and a whole bunch of special tools, but that’s about it. Sorry.

From: Ryan


I was once again enjoying your and Alex’s exploits in Hidden. As a color blind person, I noticed Alex’s difficulty with colors when y’all were doing inventory and when he dyed his hair. Is he also colorblind?

No, he just has really bad fashion sense. There’s a reason he goes to Arachne when he wants to look good. It’s probably also a guy thing – ‘oh, dying your hair is easy, right? You just pick a bottle off the shelf and use it like shampoo?’

From: DrizztMajere

Hi Luna,
I was just reading where you were comparing chance and fate magic. I was curious, isn’t what Alex does close to fate magic? I searches the future and picks the path that he wants to walk or that would be more beneficial for him. If this is the case why hasn’t he tried branching out magically in that direction to give himself more versatility in dealing with the psycopaths that want to use or kill him?

Because as far as I know, the only way to use fate magic is via those old imbued items, and the only one we know about has a two-thousand-year-old mind mage stuck in it waiting to possess anyone dumb enough to pick it up. Yes, there’s overlap, and yes, it would be very powerful, but I don’t think Alex is that desperate. Yet.

From: Massimo Barbagallo

hi Luna, I was born in Sicily though I have not been there in very long, what with moving to Cambridge for my PhD, and then to California to live. I was wondering if you speak any sicilian, since it’d be funny if you said a word here or there, and why you’re so bad at cooking, since most sicilians love good food.

I actually used to speak a little bit that I picked up from my dad and at family gatherings. But the trouble with languages is that if you don’t use them, you lose them – it’s been more than ten years now since I’ve spent any time around native speakers, and I can barely remember a word of Sicilian. I dunno, maybe it’d come to me if I went back there, but after that last visit, I’d find it really hard. Too many bad associations.

And as for the cooking, jeez, not you too. You know how much stick I used to get from my family for being bad at that? The way my dad reacted, you’d think I was torturing small animals or something. It wasn’t even my fault, it was the curse, but it’s really hard to get good at something when every little thing keeps going wrong. I don’t even know why it would mess up cooking more than anything else, but maybe it just really hates anything that’s for the benefit of other people . . .

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