Update from last week

Alex Verus #8 is on track now and going well!  Hooray!

On the downside, still haven’t received the UK sales data.  Will do a post on that when I get it.

Been a while since I’ve done any Ask Lunas, will put up a new one once I get another question or two.

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  1. Nicola says:

    I miss the encyclopedia entries. Checking the index, I notice that most of them deal with the ins and outs of magic, but relatively few of them deal with politics of the magical world, and none of them deal with its history or with the non-human practitioners. Any, however vague, possibility to see them explored?


  2. Robert MANDELL says:

    Any news you can share as to how you solved the dilemma you discussed last week?

  3. Benedict says:

    Robert: I’ve got a rough idea of what the chain of events is now, so I’ll just start working through them and see whether it fits into one book or two.

  4. Jonathan says:

    What writing goals do you use to keep on track? Do you aim for a certain word limit each day?

    I know you have talked about the writing process before, but this part of the process is the one where I would guess most people would quit. How do you push through to get to a story?

    Editing would be another trick too.

  5. Benedict says:

    I have a word quota per day, around 500 to 700 depending how much time I think I’ll need to get to the end. Editing has to fit in on top of that, though, which sometimes causes hold-ups.

  6. Taha Ashraf says:

    Very happy to hear the success of the books so far. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember and I’m sure it’s your easy to read writing style that I love most.

    Your world has a LOT of potential. I almost stepped away from the series when it felt like it was going to be an episodic “monster of the week” TV series type story – but I’m pleased to see its beginning to have more depth than that!

    I hope we see the world become bigger and the books a little longer 😉

  7. Kit says:

    Please tell me that someday Alex is going to have to work with a person with absolutely zero impulse control so he has no idea what he/she’s going to do until he/she actually does it (because the decision hasn’t been made until it was already done) and slowly drives Alex crazy because the person’s so darn unpredictable. Landis comes to mind!

  8. Stu says:

    Just a quick question, how do you pronounce Richard’s last name?

  9. Stu says:

    Just a quick question, how do you pronounce Richard’s last name?

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