Ask Luna #17

From: Yolani Perera

Hey Luna,
I found “Fated” at the library and fell in love with the series… Where can I buy the other books(hard copies)? The library won’t be updating their collection anytime soon-I asked-and online stores don’t ship to Sri Lanka(where I live)…
Please help!!
Thanks 🙂

Uh . . . second hand stores? Ebooks? I don’t know much about shopping in Sri Lanka, sorry.

From: Apollo

Hi Luna. Sorry if I spam questions this week but I’m naturally whimsical. I guessed you hate single questions from last weeks posts

What gave it away?

and I will try to not to do this and be clearer than last time. Feel free to split these up between multiple Ask Lunas if they are a bit much.

You mentioned focuses previously but not in detail. Are they like a magnifying glass: in that they can focus power (light) and change it‘s type (putting a coloured filter over it)? Do they have a limit on how much they can change the magic? Fire to Earth perhaps but not to Divination or Chance?

The magnifying glass thing is pretty close. You put in magical energy of one type, and it changes it to a specific type and spell. Focuses are generally weaker than a mage who can use that type of magic naturally, though, and they have some really annoying catches, like the fact that nearly all the important variables of the spell get locked in by the focus creator. So a gate focus will always take you to the same destination, a fire focus will always produce the same kind of heat in the same direction, and so on. I’ve gotten pretty good with my whip, but I have trouble with the general-use ones.

P.S: Force Magic has been hinted to be widely accessible by other focus users. Is this true?

First I’ve heard of it. Could be.

Can you tell me a little about Wood Mages? No offence intended but their apparent powers seem to limit their utility massively. They are certainly useful but are only so in certain situations. I presume they can warp wood, shrink it , grow it, so on but can they do anything else? Perhaps you can mention signature spell like a Fire Mage’s fireball or Space Mage’s teleport?

No clue, sorry. Wood magic is kind of obscure over here, you mostly get them in China and the countries around that part of the world. There’s a bunch of classes in the program that cover it but I didn’t take them.

Out of curiosity is there a mage who can command nature? Similar to Radagast the Brown but more magical? (If you don‘t know Radagast then go out, treat yourself to the Hobbit DVD/Blueray, and preferably watch the Lord of the Rings before it and watch 10 hours of Tolkienesque glory) (Or just Wikipedia). Would that come under a Mind/Life Mage Hybrid?

I . . . guess? I know about mages who can do all of those things individually, but I don’t think I’ve seen one who can do all of them together in that specific way. I think some of the old druidic traditions were supposed to go in for that kind of thing.

(And yeah, I’ve seen the movies. I thought the Lord of the Rings ones were much better than the one with the rabbit-mage guy.)

Gravity Mages sound awesome. Do they just control weight, such making things float/tear themselves apart and things heavier/crush themselves, or do they have any other tricks up their sleeves.

Yes, and yes.

Final question: Magic seems to be the ultimate lottery. You either get it or you don’t. Then your abilities and field are completely random as well. Sure some are more rare than others and so on but mostly it’s sheer luck. But it seems to be that the odds of being magic improve if you come from a dynasty. Do dynasties share the same type of magic too (like the Abuchons all being Spacial Mages)?

Thanks for taking the time and effort.

Kind of. Dynasties tend to get a reputation for being one family of magic, or one or two types, so there’s definitely a tendency that way. There’s no guarantee, though – you’re more likely to be a mage if your parents are mages, but I think the odds are still against it. Dynasties usually don’t last that long, because sooner or later there’s a generation where all the kids come up as normals or sensitives, and the line fades out until someone appears X many decades later who’s a descendant (or says they are).

From: Larry

So after reading Chosen seems there maybe something going on between Anne and Alex? He was pretty upset at the end of the book. My wife and I were thinking he would end up with you…

If you’re talking about what happened last year with the Nightstalkers, then I don’t think Anne and Alex were exactly getting on afterwards. More like the opposite.

And I’m not sure I’m going to end up with anyone, which is something I avoid thinking about.

From: Amba Wade

Will there be a Alex Verus/ Harry Dresden collaboration piece?

I keep telling you guys, I have no idea who this Harry Dresden guy is. You’re going to have to give me some details here.

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  1. Paul Bellerman says:

    Hey Luna,
    Who do you think would win in a fight? Richard and his Chosen (Deleo/Rachael) or Morden and his Chosen (Onyx). Or just between Richard and Morden. Thanks.

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