Hidden Proofs and Alex Verus #6

Proof copies of Hidden have arrived!  I usually try to give the proofs of my books a read-over, but this time I doubt I’ll be able to – the new book’s taking up all my work time. Still, everything’s on schedule and Hidden ought to be coming out in September (or whenever it’s released) with no more issues.  I’m looking forward to it, since I want to see how people react when they find out what happens!

In the meantime, I’m working away on Alex Verus #6 (which still doesn’t have a title).  The story’s shaping up to be fairly different from the previous ones, enough so that it’s been tricky to write – I wasn’t able to structure it out in advance, so I’ve had to spend my planning time each week working out what I’m going to be writing the next week.  On the plus side, the story’s going fairly well, and those who’ve read it so far seem to be happy with it.  I still don’t know how it’s going to end, though I’m getting a good idea of what the state of play will be by that point.

In terms of pace I’m on schedule, but only just.  The manuscript’s at 40,000 words so far, my average length for an Alex Verus novel is around 90,000 words give-or-take, and my deadline is the end of June, so assuming I can keep up this pace I’ll finish at the deadline almost exactly.  Now I just have to hope that this one won’t require a rewrite of the same length that Hidden did . . .

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  2. Release date USA on Amazon, Sept 2, 2014. Just placed my order!

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