Ask Luna #75

From: Yoshi

Alex says that there are 4 magical mean of transport gating using mounts like pegasi elementals like starbreeze but also Taias what are Taias exactly?

Giant birds with rainbow-coloured wings. Apparently they used to be a lot more common than they are now. There are much fewer magical creatures around than there were in the old days.

From: Sam

Hey Luna!

I really look forward to reading your posts every Friday, so thanks for answering everybody’s questions!

I was just wondering what the LGBT* community in mage society is like. Are queer mages openly out of the closet, or are things more conservative. Also, are there any LGBT* groups or anything among mages, or do they stick to groups with normals? Sorry about the weird question!

I hope life as an official mage treats you well. Stay safe!

Depends what you mean by ‘in the closet’. Gay/lesbian types in the magical community don’t exactly advertise, but they don’t pretend to be straight either – they just don’t bring it up. This is easier than you’d think because mages are pretty secretive about their private lives. If they’re married, or in a relationship, or anything like that, they generally don’t talk about it. Usually the only way you find out about that kind of stuff is through rumour/gossip, and you never know if the rumours are true. You do get a few who wear it on their sleeve, but they’re the exceptions.

I think it’s probably true to say that people pay less attention to what your sexuality is in the magical world than they do outside it. It’s because mages care so much about the mage/adept and the Light/Dark divides that everything else comes a distant second. Religion and race are the same way. It’s not that they don’t notice, it’s just that the number one priority is always whether you’re ‘on their side’ or not.

From: Blackendedsoul

Hi there, I am a casual fan from Bangladesh. I do have a lot of questions and I honestly think that they are a bit too much for one session. So I would like to separate them into topics.

For now I am going to ask about – and sorry for bringing back the topic – your curse.

So what I understand is, when the present bearer of the curse passes away, the next person to get it is the youngest female of the bloodline, correct? So what happens if a younger female is born into the family after someone gets the curse but is herself too young to come under the influence of it. I mean, say someone gets it when she is 5, she would have to be 10+ for the curse to take a swing, right? What if a younger sister is born when she is 7? Also, what type of mage was the person who weaved this curse (both in magic type and affiliation, i.e. Light/Dark/Independent)? Finally how many generations has it been running?

Thanks and sorry for the long message…

If a girl’s born when someone else has already got it, then nothing changes. So if a girl gets it when she’s five, and when she’s 7 she gets a younger sister, she’s still cursed. The curse doesn’t say ‘welp, nice knowing you’ and pack up and leave. Only way for it to move on is for her to die.

As for who the mage was who did it, nobody knows. I mean, our family isn’t magical, so they’d have had no way of knowing about this stuff. It’s not like they could go on the Internet and look her up or whatever. She wasn’t even described to me as a mage, just as a strega. I guess she’d have had to have been a chance mage, but beyond that, I doubt anyone will ever know.

From: R Mandell

Hi Luna:

Did Alex ever learn who it was who tipped Will Travis off that Alex was part of the hit squad sent to acquire his sister? And how did Will learn it was Alex Master as well?

This is one of those things we’ve never known for sure. I mean, Will wasn’t exactly interested in explaining himself, and by the time it was over, he wasn’t able to explain himself, what with being dead and all. But we can take guesses, and one name kept cropping up. At the time Will showed up, who had a lot of links to adepts and was someone Alex had very recently pissed off? If you’re guessing someone who lives in Soho, you’re on the right track. Can’t prove it, though.

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