Hidden Update

Was going to do an Encyclopaedia article on sound magic for today, but decided instead to do a brief update on the status of Alex Verus #5, aka Hidden.

This book’s taken a little longer to complete than the previous ones.  Normally it takes me about 9 months-ish to write an Alex Verus novel, but Hidden‘s ended up taking 11-12, due to having been fairly extensively rewritten over the autumn.  (Minor bit of trivia:  this has been the first major rewrite I’ve done since Fated.  Cursed, Taken, and Chosen all went from first draft to final release with only relatively minor changes each.)  As a result, Alex Verus #5 probably isn’t going to be out until September-ish 2014, give or take a couple of months.

Still, the book’s written, and the good news is that it’s now past the rewrite stage and into the standard editorial track, meaning there shouldn’t be any more significant delays on the road to publication.  I’m just in the middle of doing edits now, which’ll take a couple more weeks, after which I’ll be putting the manuscript away and focusing on the as-yet-untitled sixth book in the series.

Hidden is going to continue what Chosen started, in that it’ll be more of a ‘series’ book rather than a purely episodic one.  I’m still going to try to make each new Alex Verus novel viable as a standalone story, but as the world gets bigger and past events become more significant, the drift is going to be in the direction of a long-term plot.

As for what’ll be in the book . . . I won’t go into too many details just yet, but Anne’s around a lot.  🙂  I’m pretty happy with the story after the changes, and while the rewrite might have taken a while, I do think the book’s much better as a result.  Hopefully you will too!

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  1. Well worth the wait, if the quality of Hidden rivals Chosen! It is interesting that while Alex is neither well accepted in either the white or black Mage society, he has managed to kill a lot of White Mages. Can’t wait for Alex to run into Richard. ” Alex you have done well, I am proud of you” , I can hear Richard say to Alex. Looking forward to Ann coming to terms with Alex as well.

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