Ask Luna #22

From: drizztmajere

Hello Luna,
I saw you answer a question about whether or not alex is considered an adept or a mage and i was curious about spells. Most wizards find a mentor and copy their spells but it seems alex mostly had to learn on his own so i was curious if he is still in the process of developing other spells for himself or did he give up?

Alex had to learn the very basics of his magic on his own, but once he left school he had a mentor. Very definitely had a mentor. I get the impression lessons went fast, too, even if not all of them was good. After that was over, I think he mostly developed his divination magic by learning from other diviners rather than working it out from scratch.

From: Lee

Hi Luna, I was wondering, is there such a thing as a fiction mage? If so what sort of things could they do with there magic, could they use the friction to use heat or kinetic magic?

I’m going to guess you meant ‘friction’ not ‘fiction’, though that would be a pretty cool power too.

I’m kind of hazy on the exact definition of friction to be honest – is it force, or heat, or something like that? Whichever, there are a few different magic types that can do something similar. Fire mages can do the heat-generating part, force mages can do the making-something-move-or-not part, and earth mages can make solid objects stick fairly well, as long as they’re made of the right stuff. I’ve never met a mage who specialises in friction, but I think I’ve heard about a couple of recognised adept powers that do use friction or something like it in a fairly specific way.

From: drizztmajere

Hi Luna,
I was curious about Arachne’s ability. She has made you a focus and various aides for Verus in the pass so i was wondering if it is possible for her to create something that would allow a non gater to operate a gate so that Verus would be able to hide all of his Magical items that he doesn’t want found into a shadow realm?

Almost definitely, yeah. Arachne’s abilities are kinda weird by human standards (magical creatures don’t do stuff the same way as mages) but if there’s one thing I know she’s good at it’s making items, so I’d be willing to bet she could whip up a gate stone. Probably wouldn’t take her long either.

The problem would be finding a shadow realm to use. The whole point of the things is that they’re really really hard to get to if you don’t already have a way in, and if you do have a way in it’s probably because someone else showed it to you, which usually someone else is using the place already. I’ve been to a few shadow realms but I can’t think of any I’d want to use as a storage closet.

From: Trask

Dear Luna,

Do you have any background information on Cinder? Like where he came from? Or who he was an apprentice to? That sort of thing. Also does Alex ever mentioned him? I wouldn’t exactly call them friends, but they seem to have a mutual respect for each other. Has Alex ever met up with Cinder just to try and get to know him and see what makes him tick?

Thank you for any light you can shed on the fire frenzied Dark Mage.


I don’t know much about Cinder, and I’m fine with keeping it that way. Honestly, he freaks me out more than a little bit. I mean, he’s not as horrifyingly sadistic as some of the Dark mages out there, but he’s still the kind of guy you absolutely do not want to risk pissing off, and it doesn’t help that the first time I met the guy he was trying to abduct me. Yes, we’ve technically been kinda-sorta-allies once or twice, but it was Alex who did the talking, not me, and I’ve always had the feeling that the more distance I keep from the guy the better. Right now I don’t think he remembers me and I’d be happy to keep it that way. Alex seems to have some kind of working relationship with the guy, but then it’s Alex. He has this weird ability to strike up civil conversations with the kind of people you’d normally run a mile to avoid.

As for where Cinder came from . . . don’t really know, though I’m pretty sure he was apprenticed to a Dark fire master at some point. The one definite thing I have heard about him is that he’s supposed to not like women very much – some sort of grudge. (And yes, I know, that doesn’t stop him hanging out with Deleo 24/7, but I have no idea WHAT’S going on between those two and given that she’s actually MORE homicidal than he is there’s no way in hell I’m getting close enough to find out.)

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