Second printing of Fated and Cursed!

Just got the news that Fated and Cursed have been reprinted in the UK.  First time I’ve ever gotten a reprint, so it’s pretty exciting!

And another review of Taken has come in, this one from SFRevu!

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6 Responses to Second printing of Fated and Cursed!

  1. That means they sold them all and need more, right?

  2. That’s great news Ben. Congratulations!!!

  3. Benedict says:

    Simon – yep, that’s the idea!

  4. jayh says:

    Well, on August 7th during Rothfuss’s “The Story Board” on Geek and Sundry you received some glowing praise from Jim Butcher. It isn’t quite Oprah, but you’ll probably be some seeing an increase in sales. I’ll be kindling the first two books.

  5. Benedict says:

    Jayh – I’d noticed a bit of a spike in traffic lately, that might explain where it came from! Will check it out.

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