PW Starred Review for Taken

Publishers’ Weekly already gave starred reviews to Fated and Cursed, and now Taken makes it three for three!

Jacka’s excellent third urban fantasy thriller starring British freelance diviner Alex Verus (after Cursed) features magical dueling with prestige and lives at stake . . .  The action is fast and smart, playing with thriller conventions so that while readers get excitement they also are encouraged to think about what magic might mean in human terms. A superb book in an outstanding, provocative series.

On top of that I’ve also got an interview running on the PW site!  Unfortunately it’s subscriber-only (which is a shame, since I enjoyed doing it).

In other news, the Taken covers are out!  I’ll try to put them up when I have the chance.

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4 Responses to PW Starred Review for Taken

  1. JP says:

    Well deserved — congratulations! 🙂

  2. Robert Mandell says:

    Do you have a release date for TAKEN on Kindle?

  3. looking forward to reading it on the kindle. Have you posted the first chapter yet?

  4. Benedict says:

    Not yet, should be posting it within the next week or two. The Kindle edition ought to be released at the same time as the print version at the beginning of September.

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