Welcome to my website! I’m a UK-based author and this is my personal site for the Alex Verus series of novels, as well as my other work.

The most frequently updated part of this website is my blog. Any news goes there and so do new Ask Luna entries. The blog updates weekly, every Friday at 9 AM. (Sometimes I’ll post something on a non-Friday, but don’t count on it.)

If you’d like to know a little more about me and how I became an author, take a look at the About Me section.

If you’re here because of the Alex Verus series then this page contains a list of the books published so far, as well as upcoming release dates and links to where you can buy the UK edition and the US edition.

You can read Chapter 1 of each of the Alex Verus novels for free in the Extracts section. I usually post the extracts a month or two before the release date.

The Encyclopaedia page is an index of the Encyclopaedia Arcana, a running series of articles about the world and background of the Alex Verus novels. If you’d like to know more about the setting or if you’ve finished all the books and want more, take a look!

Go to the page on the Ninja Series for information on the works I published before I started writing the Alex Verus novels.

If you’d like to ask Luna something about the Alex Verus world, you can get in touch with her via the Ask Luna subpage. Some of the more frequently asked questions are covered in the FAQ, along with out-of-character things such as book publication dates.

Finally, if you’d like to get in touch with my agency or my publishers or send me email directly, you can do so at Contact.