Alex Verus Audio Books!

I get a lot of questions via this website, and far and away the most common one is ‘when are the audio books coming out?’  Up until now my answer’s always been ‘no idea’, and I’ve given that same answer enough times that I was seriously considering putting a FAQ on the site for the sole reason of letting people know that I haven’t got any news for them about audio books.

At least, until now!

The first four Alex Verus novels are going to be published in the US in audiobook format by Tantor, and very soon in fact:  they’ll be coming out over the next two months.  Release dates are as follows:

Fated:  24th December 2013
Cursed: 6th January 2014
Taken: 27th January 2014
Chosen: 2nd February 2014

Tantor are also running a giveaway of the Fated audio on Goodreads, and they’ve got five CDs to hand out:  you can find it here.

Oh, and in other news, Fated is getting another US reprinting, which is always nice.

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6 Responses to Alex Verus Audio Books!

  1. Benedict says:

    Adam: nothing as yet, sorry. I’ll announce it if a UK audiobook comes out too.

  2. Leo Morgan says:

    I hadn’t heard of Tantor. Though I’ve bought all your books in e-book version, I went to their site for a blind friend of mine. I see the message ‘[Title Unavailable in Your Country†] ‘
    I’m in Australia.
    Can I encourage you to get your agent to resolve this? Point out that turning away paying customers is not in anybody’s interest.
    All the best with your career.

  3. Robert Mandell says:

    The narrator of the audio book Fated is Gildart Jackson. I just listened to the free preview available on Mr. Jackson is an American and speaks with a British accent on the audiobook. Not being an expert on accents, it is difficult for me to ascertain how good his “Alec” voice is. I will leave it for others to comment how good his voice is.

  4. Alison says:

    Thrilled to hear about this!

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