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Beta Reading

Like a lot of authors, I have a beta reading group – a small group of people to whom I send my work in progress for discussion/feedback.  With the Alex Verus series completed, and a new series in the planning … Continue reading

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Writing Update

A quick update this week covering the various things I’m working on.   Risen Alex Verus #12 is still with my publishers.  They’ve told me that I should be getting the first-round edits back around the end of the month, so … Continue reading

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Arcana Emporium Artwork!

Something different for this week!  An environment artist called Lucy Zini got in touch with me a while ago about a university project involving concept art of the Arcana Emporium, Alex’s shop in the Alex Verus series.  Here are some … Continue reading

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Alex Verus – The Future (Short Fiction)

As promised two weeks ago, here’s some news about where I am with the Alex Verus series. First things first:  the manuscript of the final Alex Verus novel, Risen, is still with my publishers.  I’m supposed to get the first-round edits … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #175

From: Banarok Hello Luna! Just curious about the shop, since mage society don’t seem to care much about property rights and such who actually own the store on paper? If you did Alex gift it to you and where did … Continue reading

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Alex Verus – The Future (After Book 12)

Okay, it’s been a couple of weeks since I sent off the manuscript for Risen and I’ve recovered a bit, so here’s a look at what’s going to be happening with the Alex Verus setting going forward! (Sidenote:  I originally … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #174

From: Celia I’m sorry my previous questions had already been asked! I should have read all your previous Ask Luna’s and encyclopedia articles before asking stuff. My bad! Please don’t hesitate to skip my prior redundant questions – your time … Continue reading

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The End

And it’s done.   I finished editing the manuscript for Alex Verus #12, a.k.a. Risen, last weekend, and sent it off to my publishers at the beginning of the week.  It’s now with my US and UK editors and will stay … Continue reading

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Busy editing Risen.  It’s the last time I’ll be doing this for an Alex Verus novel.  Strange feeling. Book should be heading off to my publishers by Monday.

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2021 to everyone!  Hope it goes well! I’m just in the middle of writing the last pages of the epilogue to Book #12.  It should all be done and sent off by next week’s post – I’ll go into … Continue reading

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