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Reddit AMA, The Sequel

I’m going to be doing another Reddit AMA to follow up on the release of Bound.  It’ll be three weeks from now on April 13th, about a week or so after the book’s release, so the early readers among you … Continue reading

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Bound – Starred Review from Publishers Weekly

A very nice first review from Publishers Weekly.  I’ve included an edited version of the review below – be warned, the full version contains mild spoilers, so don’t click on the link if you’re sensitive about such things!   Once … Continue reading

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Bound Chapter 1 Online

The first chapter of Alex Verus #8, Bound, is online on this website now!  You can read it right here.   Release date is April 6th UK, and April 4th US.  

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Alex Verus #8 and #9 Update

Alex Verus #9 has just hit around 50,000 words, which going by the average of my novels, puts it at a little over the halfway mark.  Of course, going by my last couple of novels, that word count would actually … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #79

From: Nick Stephenson Hello Luna I must ask can Arachne make Alex a fate weaver, she is at least as strong as a council white Mage and she spends all her time making things. she must have the power to … Continue reading

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Advice for Writers IV

Part four in this series. Rule Four: Sell The fourth and final step to becoming a successful author: you have to sell what you publish. This step is the one where you’re most likely to run up against the limits … Continue reading

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Fourth and last part of the Advice for Writers series is underway but running longer than expected.  Will have it up next Friday.  

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Advice for Writers III

Parts one and two of this series are here and here.  On to Part Three.   Rule Three: Publish If you want to become a published author, then at some point you need to get around to the publishing part. … Continue reading

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Advice for Writers II

Back in the UK with Internet access again, so let’s get on with part two of this series. Rule Two: Improve Most writers don’t just want to be writers, they want to be good writers. While writing something is satisfying, … Continue reading

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Gone Away

Out of the country this week.  Second part of the writer’s advice series is done, but I’ll have to wait on posting it until I have better Internet access.

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