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Forged US Release Today!

And it’s finally here!  Book #11 in the Alex Verus series, Forged, releases today in the US and Canada, in mass market paperback, ebook format, and an audio version narrated by Gildart Jackson.   This is the second-to-last book in the … Continue reading

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Forged Release Week!

Well, after a long, long wait, we’re nearly there!  Forged will be out in paper, ebook, and audiobook format in the US and Canada four days from now, on the 24th! The non-US edition will be released a week later, … Continue reading

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Empty Backlog

A very unusual event as of last week – the backlog of Ask Luna questions is finally clear!  It had got to the point where I was answering messages that had been in the queue for months, so it’s nice … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #173

From: Kevin So awhile back you mentioned that seeing your curse was hazy because you struggled with mage vision and couldn’t analyze spells like Alex does. Another time you said that you could now activate focus items but that you … Continue reading

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Crunch Month

Still busy on Verus #12.  The book’s a bit over 80% done.   I usually split the first draft of my Alex Verus novels into six sections.  Each section is about three chapters, and each chapter is about 5,000 words.  Six … Continue reading

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Moving Onwards

One month to go to Forged! Alex Verus #12 has been coming along very well the past few weeks – going on the assumption that the book will be the standard 90,000 words, it’s now 70% done.  I’ve got the … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #172

From: Kevin Do you think diviners may have an affinity to bond with imbued items and/or using Elsewhere? The only reason I ask is because I think divination is one of the few magic types that doesn’t directly affect the … Continue reading

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After Verus

So with Alex Verus #12 creeping slowly but steadily onwards, I thought I’d talk a bit about something different – the ‘what are you going to write next?’ question.  I’ve been asked it a ton of times by now, but … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #171

From: Kevin 1. Have you or Alex ever talked to Hermes with the dreamstone? Do you understand him like you would a human or is and have you learned anything different about him? 2. Has Vari adjusted his fighting style/magic … Continue reading

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First Chapter of Forged Online

The first chapter of Alex Verus #11, Forged, is online!  You can read it here.   Advance warning for newer readers:  this is not intended as a standalone novel.  This is the second-to-last instalment in a 12 book series, and Forged builds … Continue reading

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