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Ask Luna #102

From: Harlow Now that you’ve learned to kind of control your curse more, can you drive? Have you ever wanted to try and get your license? Are gas prices as ridiculous as they are over here (I’m from Canada)? Are … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #101

From: Nicholas I was just wondering if mind magic can be used for real-time communication when talking to someone when you don’t have a language in common or a translator around, like can you mimic someones ability to speak mandarin … Continue reading

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Russian Edition!

So I expect almost none of you will remember this, but a year and a half ago I wrote a post announcing that the Alex Verus novels were going to have a Russian edition.  Just got a package in the … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #100

A double-length Ask Luna today. It’s a weird thought that I’ve been doing this for a hundred episodes. Back when I started, it was because Alex couldn’t be bothered to handle the Arcana Emporium email account and got me to … Continue reading

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Was planning a big Ask Luna for this week, but it got delayed by various RL issues.   Double-length Ask Luna next Friday instead.

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February Update

Various bits and pieces of news for this week:   • Alex Verus #9, Marked, is creeping steadily along towards publication.  It’s currently at the proof stage, being looked over by proofreaders.  Release date remains July 5th 2018.  As usual, … Continue reading

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Something different today!  An artist by the name of Gergana Hristova has done some fanart of the Alex Verus series – I came across it while browsing her review of the series on Goodreads, and loved the drawings, so asked … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #99

From: Malachi Are certain mage hybrids impossible? Like a hybrid between a Fire & Ice mage or a Diviner & Probability mage? I don’t know if they’re actually impossible, but there are lots of combos that I’ve never ever heard … Continue reading

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New Year News

And I’m back!  A few bits of news to catch up on now that I’m back in the country.   First, Bound has been nominated for the RT Awards, under Urban Fantasy Worldbuilding. I don’t think I’ve ever been nominated … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from everyone in the Alex Verus world! I’m out of the country at present, and won’t be returning until a couple of weeks into January.  Posts will resume on the 19th.  

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