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Ask Luna #113

From: BlackMass I have been wondering, back during the Nightstalker affair someone mentioned that Talsid was in Russia for Guardian business what exactly was said Business? Another concern is know that Alex knows That Guardians and The Crusaders are really … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #112

From: Fade Hi Luna, as always thanks for answering these, and sorry again for the long post! The first few are about magical combat and interactions. 1) In regard to Disintegration magic, does it seem to effect the entirety of … Continue reading

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Fallen Is Finished!

And we’re done!  The first draft of Alex Verus #10, aka Fallen, is finished and sent off to my publishers.   I wrote a breakdown of the writing process for one of my Alex Verus novels a while ago, and … Continue reading

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Really Nearly Home Stretch

Writing the final scene of the final chapter.  Will update next week when I’m done.

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Home Stretch

Alex Verus #10 is into the final stretch.  I’m halfway through the last full chapter – just need to finish the big confrontation, then do the epilogue, and I’ll be done.  Still shooting for end of September as a target … Continue reading

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Release date for Alex Verus #10

Alex Verus #10, Fallen, finally has an official release date!  It’ll be out about a year from now, in October 2019.   I’m told the cover will be going up on the Orbit UK blog later today.  

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Ask Luna #111

From: Hrok I was wondering if there was anything more you could tell us about the nature of jinn magic in light of recent events. It almost seemed from reading Alex’s account that the jinns power is at least partly … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway

King’s River Life has a review of Marked up, along with a giveaway.  Go check it out! Book 10 is inching along towards the finish line.  Not much farther to go now.  

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Ask Luna #110

From: Robert L. Mandell Luna what is the backstory of Talis? Adept with a really bad reputation. Depending on who you asked, he was either a shady ex-Dark adept or a paid assassin, maybe both. For whatever reason he seemed … Continue reading

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Getting Closer

Still working away on the first draft of Book 10, Fallen.  It’s getting closer, but not there yet.    I really want to get this one out there.  It resolves a lot of things that I’ve been setting up in … Continue reading

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