Fated: Yet More Good Reviews

And the reviews keep coming in!

First, Paul Wiseall from Fantasy Faction has listed Fated as one of his top fantasy books of 2012 on Episode 2 of the Fantasy Faction Podcast, and gave a very fun description of Alex’s divination magic (much shorter than mine!).  The podcast covers lots of other good new books too – it’s well worth a listen!

Sticking with the Fantasy Faction theme, another of their writers, Leo Cristea, wrote a very detailed review of Fated, calling it “simply excellent, engrossing and delightful”.  Good comparisons to the Dresden Files, covering both the similarities and the differences.

Fantasy Book Critic’s Mihir Wanchoo also compares Fated to the Dresden Files, although  compared to Leo he’s less keen on the similarities.  Still, he finishes up by saying that he’ll definitely be picking up Cursed and Taken.

And last but not least, Riley Merrick from Riley’s Reviews was drawn to Fated by the Jim Butcher email exchange, and has written a very nice review as a result, highly recommending it to anyone who likes Harry Dresden.  It ends with “All in all, I’m very thankful I stumbled across that story on Facebook” – so am I!

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  1. Aw, thanks for the shoutout (which has been duly noted at my blog now too *g*)!

  2. Benedict says:

    JP – no problem. Least I could do in return!

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