Going to NY Comicon!

It’s been decided – I’m headed to the U.S. of A for the New York Comicon this October!

Official dates are October 10th to October 13th, though I’m probably going to be in the city for much longer than that so that I can see the sights (I’ve been to NY before, but it was years and years ago).  I’ve never been to any convention anywhere near this size, though, so it’s going to be quite an experience.

Other things I’m looking forward to include seeing my New York family again, and actually meeting my US editor, Anne Sowards, face to face (we’ve been working together for years, but we’ve never met) More details closer to the time!

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  1. There should be solidarity between talented British authors – Neil Gaiman should entirely support you!

  2. Welcome to my hometown. You’ll love it. Rock the convention!

  3. And that seals it. I’d honestly been drifting away from the idea of going, but not now.

  4. Great! We can’t wait to see you!

  5. Thanks! I’ll have more details closer to the time, but for now I’m going to start making plans for visits!

  6. We will see you at the con for sure. Oh and you will LOVE Anne, she is one if my most favorite people ever! So excited!

  7. Benedict, do you have any NYC-specific things you’d like to try? Foods? Places? Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

  8. Huh, good question. Any recommendations?

  9. *spreads hands* It’s NYC. They have everything. Most people come in with some sort of idea of “_____ is the thing I always wanted to try/see/do in NYC” or something that will tell them that they did, in fact, go to NYC.

    Do you perhaps like pizza or bagels? Those are usually the standards for visitors. Deli sandwiches are also reportedly favorites. I really don’t recommend the “dirty-water dogs” (hot dogs from a pushcart vendor); heard too many stories of gastric distress.

    You’ll likely be busy with con things, but there are always standard tourist destinations: Times Square/Broadway, World Trade (caveat: it’s still a big construction site and there’s honestly not much to SEE there), Empire State Building, Central Park, a metric f***ton of museums/galleries/etc.

    Or you can take a cab ride and get everything, including fear and motion sickness. XD

  10. Heh, well I’ve been to NY a couple of times before (I have some family living there) so I’ve seen the really famous sights like the Empire State and the World Trade Hole In The Ground Construction Site. I remember enjoying Manhattan, so I’ll probably go wandering around there again. Are you just visiting the city for the convention, or are you going to be around longer?

  11. I live right across the river in New Jersey. Email incoming.

  12. Philly, little further south, MUCH smaller cons!

  13. First con I ever attended was PhauxCon in Philly, back in 2007. No more than 50 people there the ENTIRE time. And “dinner with the author” mean you were passing the salt and ketchup back and forth with the author and spouse.

    Honest word? Depending on what panels are and aren’t offered with what authors, I may not even get the full pass (and possibly none at all) and simply hang out with all the people I know who will be there, just outside the con. It’s a madhouse in the Javits, and I really don’t do well with big, tight, noisy crowds.

  14. I know how you feel. I hate crowds.

  15. Mm-hmm. I do enjoy a number of exhibits/booths, yes, and occasionally, a random sighting is a nice thing, but having to fight my way through a crowd of people who like to stop right in the middle of the only thoroughfare gets less and less tolerable as the con wears on. Gets to the point where I just turn a shoulder and shove through, and I don’t like myself like that.

  16. Danielle D says:

    OMG this is the best news!!! I cannot wait til NYCC now 🙂

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