Aaaaaand finished.  Alex Verus #8 is written, has had its first brief edit, and is in the hands of my publishers as of two days ago.  This one has been really tough to get through – I started around October 1st of last year, meaning that I’ve been working on it for six and a half months straight.  I don’t generally take breaks when I’m working on a new book, at least not for more than a day or two, and so the first thing I’m going to be doing as of next week is going on holiday.  I’ll queue up some posts for the website, and I’ll try to clear my now-far-too-big email backlog before I go.

The bad news (for those who’ve just finished Burned and want to know what’ll happen next) is that just because I’ve finished the second draft, that doesn’t mean it’ll be published anytime soon.  I did a blog post on the writing process and wait times, but the short version is that my books take at least 10 months to go from first draft to publication, and that’s the low end.  The average is more like a year.  So I wouldn’t expect Alex Verus #8 to be out in shops and on the Kindle store until around Spring 2017.  Yes, I know it’s a long time to wait.  Sorry.

But in the meantime, if there’s anything you REALLY want to know, you can ask me at my Reddit AMA on r/fantasy this coming Tuesday, on April 26th.  For those who don’t know, a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) is pretty much what it sounds like – a general Q&A aimed at fans and other interested parties.  I’ll be starting it at 12pm GMT on April 26th, and finishing at 12pm GMT on April 27th;  in between those times I’ll check in regularly and answer anything I can.  I’ll post a direct link on Twitter and here one the AMA goes live.

And that’s about it!  See some of you (hopefully) on Tuesday and I’ll have more to tell you then!

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  1. Am sooooo enjoying Burned. Thank you thank you, Mister J!

  2. Heather says:

    Bought Burned last night, so of course I got nothing done today cause there was no way I could put that down! A year’s not too bad to wait, thanks for the update!

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