Ask Luna #84

From: Iksander

Journeyman Vesta

Certainly has a nice ring to it doesn’t it! Congratulations on finding your name. I have a couple of questions for you if you have the time:

1) Has Variam passed his/taken his Journeyman tests yet? Follow up, has he decided on a name?

2) What is a Devourer? Sounds rather ominous to me…

Thanks! I liked it too.

Yup, Vari took his tests a while back. Pretty soon after I did mine, funnily enough. It hasn’t made much different in how he acts around us – I’d been expecting him to be a bit more puffed-up about it, but his attitude was more like “good, that’s out of the way”.

Devourers are really nasty magical creatures that do exactly what their name suggests. They were supposed to have been exterminated a long time ago, but unfortunately some mages decided they’d make really good guards, so you still find them around from time to time. I’ve never seen one, but I’ve heard descriptions.

From: Fade

Hi Luna, I was wondering what constitutes a “Master Mage.” I assume that Dark Master status is similar Dark Mage status, where they declare themselves and dare somebody to contradict them. What about light and independents? Is there another series of tests that they need to pass? Or is Master Mage less of an official title and more of a tacit understanding amongst one’s peers? I know Alex has more knowledge of the dark side of the fence, but I’m hoping maybe you picked some knowledge up in the apprentice program? Thank you for your time!

The Council does actually have rules on when someone qualifies as a master mage, but it’s totally different from the journeyman test system – it’s just age. After a certain amount of years as a journeyman (I think it’s 15 or 20 or something) you qualify as a master by default. Sounds kind of stupid, I know, but according to Alex it dates back to when magical life was a lot more dangerous, and the assumption was that if you were a mage at 40 and still alive then you must be doing something right. I’m not sure how many people take it seriously anymore, though. From what I’ve seen modern Light mages are more likely to boast about their rank in the Council or the Keepers or whatever – they don’t seem to care about the master thing.

With Dark mages, it’s exactly what you’ve guessed. They just call themselves that and see if anyone takes them up on the challenge. Usually no-one does.

From: Blackmass

I have a few questions about Jagadev

I understand why Alex won’t tell Vari about what Jagadev has killed members of his family but what about Anne why has he not told her about this

also will Jagadev oppose Drakh an his plans for the council or remain Neutral

also unrelated but what will Arachne do if Drakh succeeds in his grand schemes

The way I understood it, Alex never actually had any hard evidence that Jagadev was responsible for that stuff. So I guess that was part of the reason. He probably also figured that if he told Anne, it’d get back to Vari. Or maybe he just decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

From what’s been happening lately, I think Jagadev’s been helping Richard. Not out of any kind of friendship, more that he thinks it’ll destabilise the Council.

And I have no idea what Arachne’ll do if Richard gets what he wants. Funnily enough, I have the feeling it might not affect her much. It’s more the Council that she’s worried about.

From: Zachariah Loranis

Do you know any Adepts that are very skilled in barrier spells?

I met one whose particular trick was creating force walls. Don’t know if that’s the kind of thing you mean, but she was really good with them.

From: Nick

Luna are there any universal combat spells. By universal I mean almost every magic type can use them.

Not really. Universal spells are generally ‘magic on magic’ stuff. Analysing spells, using focus items, that kind of thing. Combat spells are a lot more specialised. Closest I can think of is a light spell, but even that’s limited to mostly elementalists.

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