Ask Luna #108

From: Anton

Mage Vesta,

This is a very long list of questions, Please feel free to break them up and answering them at your leisure and thank you.

Yeah, I’m definitely breaking these up.  

What kind of knife does Alex use? I’ve known a few “knife guys” the can be really finicky about their blades, considering how often Alex uses one, it seems that he would be VERY selective about it (handle, type of metal, grind, etc.)

It’s a knife.  It stabs things.  I’m pretty sure he’s picky about it, yeah, but as far as I’m concerned one pointy piece of metal’s the same as another.  

Are the Crusaders still attempting to get at Alex? 


Does the Dreamstone allow Alex to communicate with Hermes?

Should do.

What is Linking? The way Arachne said it made it seem like something rather significant.

Going to have to give me some context there.  

Can you make One Shot Items? Being able to throw a “hex spell” or carry around a “lucky coin” could be REALLY useful.

I’ve thought about it once or twice, but learning how to do that stuff has kind of a high barrier to entry and I’m not sure I want to do X many months/years of work to figure it out.  Maybe once I’m a bit more settled.

Does being a Councilor come with a salary or estates? (does Alex have access to the Mantis Golems)

Nope.  I think they assume that if you’re on the Council you must be rich already.  You get an office, though.

Who makes up the Conclave? Is it the Junior Council?

Can’t remember to be honest.  It’s some Light Council term or other.

Is Alex ever going to make Samaris pay for leading the charge to burn down the shop? 

Would be nice, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Does the Shadow Realm have a weather cycle/water; can you use solar panels there?

Yup.  You’d have to be really into DIY to want to do the work to set it up, though.

How long does it take an elemental mage to make a gate vs Alex with a gate stone (he normally say it take a minute/60secs)

Depends on skill.  It takes Alex maybe 2 minutes.  A good elemental mage could do it in more like one.  A really good one might be able to get it to half that.  Basically it comes down to how many safety measures you’re willing to skip.  Most mages don’t like the idea of being cut in half so they don’t push it very far.

Do you go by Luna Vesta the way Alex calls himself Alex Verus?

I thought about it, but it sounds kind of silly.  Luna or Vesta, not both.  

From: Exejpgwmv

If Sonder trapped you in a spell that slowed down time would your curse be slowed as well?

Sure, why wouldn’t it be?

From: Luna Mancuso

Do you love Alex?

If you’re going to ask me troll questions at least come up with a better name.  

From: Gerald

What mage type is Richard?
Also what type is Levistus?
Also is Alex technically an adept?

I’ve answered these ones something like . . . I don’t even know, maybe eleven or twelve times between them.  I’m bored out of my mind of typing the same thing over and over.  Go do a Google search or something.  

From: Byron

Hi Mage Vesta!

Did you ever learn at the apprentice program about what exactly happened during the Gate Rune War and why it happened? 

P.S you are my favourite person ever, so cool

Nice to have a fan.  

We did learn it.  Or, well, we were supposed to, but I found it really boring, at least the way the Council teaches it.  This Dark faction did this and then the Council debated about what to do and in the meantime the other faction did something else and then the Council debated some more.  Honestly, I got the feeling it could have been a pretty good story, just not the way they told it.  

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