Updates, Releases, and AMAs

Update time!

First bit of news is that Alex Verus #12, the final Alex Verus novel, is 50% done.  If you’re wondering how I get these estimates, from past experience I go by the rule of thumb that each book will be around 90,000 words.  Sometimes they run a little bit longer – Bound I think holds the record at 110,000 – but usually it’s a fairly safe bet that the full novel will be around 90-95k.  With the most recent chapter I’ve finished of Alex Verus #12, the manuscript’s sitting at 46,000 words, so I’m going to call it halfway there.  I’d been hoping to finish book #12 at about the time of the release of book #11 – at the moment it’s looking like I’m going to miss that deadline, but probably not by very much.  

On the subject of book #11, Forged, here’s an updated release schedule!

• September 25th:  First chapter of Forged will be posted on this website.  
• November 24th:  US & Canada release of Forged (paper, ebook, and audiobook)
• December 1st:  UK & rest of world release of Forged (paper, ebook, and audiobook)
• December 3rd:  I’ll be holding a Reddit AMA on r/fantasy.  

For those of you who haven’t read a Reddit AMA before, it stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’ and it’s an opportunity for you guys to ask you anything you like about the new book, the older books, the new book, or the series in general.  I’ve been doing one of these a year and I enjoy them quite a bit, so do come along if there’s anything you’d like to ask.  

And finally, in unrelated news, the ebook edition of Fated is on sale in the UK for 99p!

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5 Responses to Updates, Releases, and AMAs

  1. James says:

    I’m sad the story is ending but this has been a great series so far. Thanks 🙂

  2. Jason Enberg says:

    Looking forward to Book 11! The timing is good for the US. It comes out just before a long holiday weekend. Should be a great holiday! 🙂

  3. Marc Waldman says:

    I am also sad book 12 is the final Alex Book. I have really enjoyed the series. Sorry if this has been asked before, but what future books are you working on after the series is complete?

  4. Ranky says:

    You know, RDJ made Marvel release Infinity War early for his US Bros. Don’t you want to be like Tony Stark and release Forged early??

    (I have serious concerns making it to November 24th, any help would be appreciated)

  5. Cody craddock says:

    :'(. I love the alex verus series and im sad to see it go. But im glad you are stopping when it feels right for you and the story many authors don’t alex verus is the most consistently well written urban fantasy series out there. I hope to see this series get more attention. IMO its one of the best UF series. out there

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