Inheritance of Magic 2 – An Instruction in Shadow

The sequel to An Inheritance of Magic (current working title:  An Instruction in Shadow) is coming along well.  I’m currently midway through the first-round edits, working through them at a rate of about chapter a day.

One chapter per day is actually really, really fast for a first-round edit – if you’re interested in learning about it in more detail, I’ve written about the different editorial stages here, but short version:  the first-round edits are the big ones, and they can cover anything up to and including full-scale rewrites (which can take months).  So I’m very happy that this time around they’re so easy.  Apparently my editors really liked the first draft as it was!

At the current rate I should be done with the first-round edits in a couple of weeks, at which point I’ll be free to start work on Book 3.

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4 Responses to Inheritance of Magic 2 – An Instruction in Shadow

  1. Bill says:

    Very pleased to hear that the first draft of Book 2 has been so favourably received. Less hassle for you as we come up towards the festive season!
    Does this in any way mean that we may be seeing Book #2 at an earlier stage in 2024, or is everyone still aiming at an October publication date? (I would be great to have it as a holiday read!)

  2. Pilgrim Jake says:

    Just finished book 1.. glad to hear 2 is on its way as Veruca Salt’s Mantra is currently ringing in my ears..

    The play with magic, power and wealth in this series will make for interesting exploration.

  3. Peter Michael says:

    Really enjoyed the first book’s new universe and hopefully we see book 2 before October next year!

  4. Rob says:

    Quick edits mean quicker publishing? I sincerely hope so. This new series was no disappointment – there’s only a few authors where I put release dates into my calendar.
    An inheritance of magic feels just as fresh and well thought out as the Verus books did at their best. Absolutely loving it. More please.

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