March Update, Continued

A break from the usual Ask Lunas for a second real-world update!

So as you may or may not know, depending which country you’re reading this in, the UK is currently in lockdown, with most businesses closed and social distancing measures in place.  The government’s banned all public gatherings and asked everyone to leave their house as infrequently as possible.  It doesn’t affect my work directly but it does make various family-related things more difficult.  

Aside from the inconvenience, everything’s fine in our household so far.  Let me know how things are going for you guys!

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9 Responses to March Update, Continued

  1. James says:

    Irish fan here, pretty much the same social distancing etc etc only leaving home for work. It’s boring and weird and sort of depressing but it does help so we will keep doing it. Hope the writing is going well !

  2. Can says:

    Turkish fan living in Germany for uni here. Everything’s moving on with the same situations and I get to facetime my parents here and there. Not much has changed in daily life considering the university is still closed. Hope everyone’s safe.

  3. Alicia says:

    In the US here. I was sick a couple of weeks ago. The Dr. didn’t think it was Corona. If it were, it was a very mild case. I wasn’t sick enough to get tested, so I may never know if I had it. I work in IT and had some very long days earlier this week prepping laptops for other employees so they can work from home. I was happy I could do my part to help other people work safely from home. After doing that, I am working from home myself and am safely hunkered down in my home office with my own work laptop, my personal laptop & 2 external monitors trying to save the world one computer problem at a time.

    I hope everyone else is doing ok! Stay safe, everyone.

  4. Singrhoma says:

    Spanish fan here (in fact, in Madrid). We’ve almost been 2 weeks in lockdown and we’ve still have 2 more left (at least).
    Hope you and your family are ok. Ta-da

  5. Kelley says:

    Im a fan from the US, in NYC. Trying to self quarantine as much as possible , but I’m am an OB/Gyn so there’s that (babies don’t know there’s a pandemic). The streets are a ghost town, the hospitals are scary, but we’re hanging in there. Everybody be safe.

  6. Doing ok here. Indiana is in lockdown, but we are making the best of it. Everyone stay safe and I hope you all are well.

  7. Alex says:

    I am an “essential worker” who has a hermitage of a social life normally. Literally nothing has changed for me, except my normal is now the socially praised. The apocalypse has been really good for me, and I’m only being slightly sarcastic.

  8. Anneliese says:

    Hi Benedict,

    An American fan here living abroad in China. Me and my family are well and safe. Everyone is working remotely and having essentials delivered.

    Stay safe and keep writing. We love Alex Verus and the gang.


  9. Kevin says:

    I am in the United States working at an Amazon Warehouse and I am deemed essential so I still have a job for the time being. I work nights and I usually stay home so nothing really has changed for me, and aside from being stir crazy my family is safe and sound. We aren’t in shutdown yet but most businesses are shut down voluntarily and people are keeping their distance so hopefully this won’t affect us that badly.

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