Forged UK Edition – Update

The problem with Forged’s UK edition on Amazon has (in theory) been fixed – the default page for Forged on Amazon UK now links to the trade paperback version.  This comes after a lot of emails to my publishers and … Continue reading

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Forged Release Week – Warning for UK Readers!

I’m going to break my usual routine and publish this Friday’s post a little early, since I’ve got a warning to get out if you’re based in the UK. The eleventh and second-to-last book in the Alex Verus series, Forged, … Continue reading

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Forged US Release Today!

And it’s finally here!  Book #11 in the Alex Verus series, Forged, releases today in the US and Canada, in mass market paperback, ebook format, and an audio version narrated by Gildart Jackson.   This is the second-to-last book in the … Continue reading

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Forged Release Week!

Well, after a long, long wait, we’re nearly there!  Forged will be out in paper, ebook, and audiobook format in the US and Canada four days from now, on the 24th! The non-US edition will be released a week later, … Continue reading

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Empty Backlog

A very unusual event as of last week – the backlog of Ask Luna questions is finally clear!  It had got to the point where I was answering messages that had been in the queue for months, so it’s nice … Continue reading

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Crunch Month

Still busy on Verus #12.  The book’s a bit over 80% done.   I usually split the first draft of my Alex Verus novels into six sections.  Each section is about three chapters, and each chapter is about 5,000 words.  Six … Continue reading

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Moving Onwards

One month to go to Forged! Alex Verus #12 has been coming along very well the past few weeks – going on the assumption that the book will be the standard 90,000 words, it’s now 70% done.  I’ve got the … Continue reading

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After Verus

So with Alex Verus #12 creeping slowly but steadily onwards, I thought I’d talk a bit about something different – the ‘what are you going to write next?’ question.  I’ve been asked it a ton of times by now, but … Continue reading

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First Chapter of Forged Online

The first chapter of Alex Verus #11, Forged, is online!  You can read it here.   Advance warning for newer readers:  this is not intended as a standalone novel.  This is the second-to-last instalment in a 12 book series, and Forged builds … Continue reading

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Updates, Releases, and AMAs

Update time! First bit of news is that Alex Verus #12, the final Alex Verus novel, is 50% done.  If you’re wondering how I get these estimates, from past experience I go by the rule of thumb that each book … Continue reading

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