Reddit AMA, The Sequel

I’m going to be doing another Reddit AMA to follow up on the release of Bound.  It’ll be three weeks from now on April 13th, about a week or so after the book’s release, so the early readers among you … Continue reading

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Bound Chapter 1 Online

The first chapter of Alex Verus #8, Bound, is online on this website now!  You can read it right here.   Release date is April 6th UK, and April 4th US.  

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Alex Verus #8 and #9 Update

Alex Verus #9 has just hit around 50,000 words, which going by the average of my novels, puts it at a little over the halfway mark.  Of course, going by my last couple of novels, that word count would actually … Continue reading

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Gone Away

Out of the country this week.  Second part of the writer’s advice series is done, but I’ll have to wait on posting it until I have better Internet access.

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New Year Update

And we’re into 2017.  Let’s hope it’s a good one! The main event for the first half of this year is of course going to be the release of Bound in April 2017.  As usual, I’ll put the first chapter … Continue reading

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. . . and Happy New Year!

Okay, technically I already said that last week, but hey, it’s the holidays.  New posts will resume in 2017!

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Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping it’s a good one for you guys!

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Quiet Week

Uneventful week today.  Alex Verus #9 is moving steadily along, Bound is still on its road to publication, and there are a few Ask Luna questions in the queue.  There’s a new game released that I’ve been looking forward to, … Continue reading

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Bound ARCs are here

The first paper copies of Bound are arriving.  They’re just for me (you guys don’t get to pick them up just yet) but here’s a picture so you can see what they look like!   This isn’t how the finished … Continue reading

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Bound Cover – US Edition

This one is a little later than planned, since I’ve had the first draft sitting around for a while now, but I just recently got a finished version of the US cover for Bound, so here it is!  Once again, … Continue reading

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