Back from the Weekender

And I’m back home from the SFX Weekender.

First, many apologies to those whom I missed at the signing.  Transport from London to Prestatyn was unfortunately a nightmare – due to a train derailment the entire section of railway we’d been planning to use was out of action and we had to take a weird looping journey around what felt like the entire middle section of Britain before finally arriving in Prestatyn long after dark and about four hours after I’d been due to be at the Forbidden Planet stall.

Thankfully Adrian Tchaikovsky very kindly offered me a place in his signing slot, sacrificing his (very small) allocation of elbow room to give me a spot at the table, and we spent an enjoyable hour talking to fans, chatting about live roleplaying, and watching the cosplayers go by.  Many thanks to him and to Stephen Baxter (whom I was also crowding) for being so generous, and thanks to the readers who somehow managed to figure out where I was in time to find me anyway!

The Urban Fantasy panel was more nerve-racking but still fun.  I really hadn’t been expecting that big an audience and seeing a couple of hundred people in the auditorium all looking expectantly at me and the rest of the panelists came as a bit of a surprise.  On the plus side, the lights were aimed at us in such a way that I couldn’t actually see a thing beyond the front row anyway, which made it easy to forget how many were watching.

The rest of the weekend was spent hopping between panels, performances, and chats, of which the chats were the most fun.  I got to meet dozens of people in the business – authors, editors, agents – and had a wonderful time talking about them about anything and everything.  I’d list them all except that honestly, there are too many.  So I’m just going to say a big thank you to all of them for making it such a great weekend.  I’m definitely planning to be back next year!

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