Alex Verus Short Story at Tynga’s Reviews

I’m taking part in the Paranormal April Fools event at Tynga’s Reviews!  For my contribution I was asked to write a story with either myself or the characters of Fated that involved an April Fools joke in some way.

After some thought I came up with this story.  If you’d like to see Alex and Luna and Sonder in a short (and not-very-serious) adventure then go take a look.  Bonus points to anyone with a good enough memory to spot where I got the idea from!

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3 Responses to Alex Verus Short Story at Tynga’s Reviews

  1. JP says:

    This was a riot — loved it! Maybe I’m nuts, but it reminded me a little of those Looney Tunes cartoons in which Daffy Duck gets tormented by his animator.

  2. Benedict says:

    Heh, hadn’t thought of that one.

  3. JP says:

    I’m dating myself with that reference!

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