Fated: Revenge of the Good Reviews

Another week of good reviews – here are the links!

Tynga from Tynga’s Reviews is first up.  This is in addition to the short story she’s hosting as part of her Paranormal April Fools, so take a look at that too if you haven’t seen it!

Two more nice reviews from Debbie’s Book Bag and Under the Covers – you’ll have to click through a warning screen as the sites have some NSFW content, but the pages linked to don’t.

Bookswarm has a 150-word speed date with Alex, and finally, RT Book Reviews has made their review of Fated freely available too.  Thanks to all!


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4 Responses to Fated: Revenge of the Good Reviews

  1. Hey Benedict – congrads! Any idea where I can buy your novel in Aus? Cheers

  2. Hey Andrew – been a while! Fishpond.com.au had it for sale in Aus last I checked, but there might be somewhere cheaper.

  3. bungluna says:

    I loved “Fated” and am looking forward to the next one. I read mostly UF written by women and have been actively searching for male-written UF. You’re a great addition to my must-read list! Thanks.

  4. Benedict says:

    No problem – saw you on Goodreads and glad you found your way here!

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