Another author was telling me a few weeks back that I ought to get a Wikipedia entry – fast forward a few weeks, and it turns out someone made me one.

Amusingly, about 50% of what it says in the Biography section is wrong.  (I can kind of see where they got it from – it’s just a matter of getting the context wrong on my interviews.)  I did think of correcting it but I’m kind of curious to see how long it takes to correct itself.  I’ve never watched a Wikipedia article grow so I want to see how effectively their whole ‘anyone can edit’ thing works out.

It’s odd how misinformation can spread.  Fantastic Fiction has been insisting for six months plus that there’s an extra book in the Alex Verus series between Cursed and Taken called ‘Mage Wars’.  Said book doesn’t exist and never will, but that doesn’t stop people asking me about it (I tried emailing Fantastic Fiction to correct it, but never got a reply – oh well).

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  1. Shecky says:

    It wasn’t me! I fact-check! 😀

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