Alex Verus #4

The next book in the Alex Verus series is done!  I finished the first draft at the end of September, but now the first major edit is complete too, and the book’s all but finished – the final version that gets published will be about 99% identical to the one just sent off to my publishers.

Working title at the moment for Alex Verus #4 is Chosen, though I’m not updating the official page with that yet as it’s not settled.

It still won’t be out until around September 2013, though.  I know, I know, it’s slow.  Publishing always has these long lead times, which makes it a little weird for authors as the book we’re working on and the book next due to be published are usually different books.  I’ll put up sample chapters a month or two in advance as usual, in the coming summer.  For now I have to get to work on Alex Verus #5!

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8 Responses to Alex Verus #4

  1. I’m glad #5 has the go ahead, but number four is a long way off hitting the shelves. Still it’s less than a year away, so can’t complain too much!

  2. Do you have a tentative publication day for #4?

  3. September, maybe. Don’t quote me on that though!

  4. Love the fact you link to your website from facebook and add background info to Verus’ world on the website. keeps the fans interested! Time to begin Cold Days!

  5. Betty says:

    Next September… *sobs* I’m counting the days.

  6. Tarun Elankath says:

    Sep 2013 is such a *long* time away! The other books were just spaced 3 months apart :(.

  7. Benedict says:

    Unfortunately it takes me a lot more than 3 months to write a book – more like 9!

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