Ask Luna #6

From: Alex Walker

Dear Luna,

There are, or were, many types of magical creatures. Can you name all the ones you know and what you know of them? (Including the extinct ones)

Also is there the possibility that creatures like Demons exist?

And is it possible for a Life Mage to bring someone back from death?

 . . . Are you serious?  You’re expecting me to list EVERY SINGLE magical creature I’ve ever heard of and then tell you everything I know about them too?  I do have a day job, you know.  I only answer these questions in my spare time, and right now I’m not feeling like spending every evening out of the next week writing the real-life edition of Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them.  

About life mages, I think so, but I’m not sure.  It’s a bit harder to ask Anne about stuff these days.

From: John

Hey Luna, Alex has a kinda contract with Starbreeze whos a Air Elemental. What other kind Elementals are there? And if you could make a contract with one, which would you choose? Thankyou 🙂

Don’t think he has a contract with Starbreeze right now, but yeah, it’s a nice idea!  I think if I got to pick, I’d want an air elemental too.  I only got to fly with her once, but it’s the most amazing feeling.  You’re up there and can see the whole city beneath you, but you’re not just flying on the air, you’re part of it.  I miss Starbreeze, wish Alex could get back in touch with her.  

From: jade

Hello, Luna!

I’m wondering where mages usually get one-shots and focuses from, and also who invents them, as Alex says he’s the only mage who runs a shop. Alex seems to have a lot of these handy weapons to fight battle mages.  

And, this I’m asking out of pure curiosity: do you know how old Alex is? He called a certain guy in mid-twenties a kid (or, given the situation then, he’s just annoyed?) , so I’m guessing he’s much older than that. 


On the one-shots, mages make them.  I think the way it usually works is that the ones who can do a particular spell are the ones who make it into an item.  I definitely know that Alex gets those condenser spells he always uses from a water mage, because I’ve met the guy.  Alex actually suggested that I try doing it too, but I’m not sure I want to – I’ve got the feeling anything I made would just end up working like a targeted bad-luck curse and I’m kind of iffy about putting something like that out there.   

Alex isn’t actually that old – he only turned 30 this year.  I think he sometimes tries to act older than he really is, though he does it less now than when we first met.   

From: Orion

Dear Luna, what are some commonly accepted types of ‘hybrid’ mages?

I never really got this whole ‘hybrid’ thing.  I mean, everyone’s magic type is supposed to be unique, right?  So if everyone’s magic is different, then how can some people be ‘hybrids’ and some not?  I would’ve thought either all of them are or none of them are.  

Anyway, I guess snow magic would be the kind of thing you’re looking for.  They have ice- and cold-related abilities, but some of them can also send flurries of wind or fly the same way that air mages can, so they get thought of as ice-air hybrids.  Or maybe water-air, or cold-air, or ice-water, who knows.  

From: Orion

Dear Luna, what are the capabilities of a gravity mage? also, is it possible for time mages to travel through time?

Gravity mages do pretty much what you’d expect – they can increase weight, decrease weight, reverse the effect of gravity, that kind of stuff.  They’re really rare though, I don’t think I’ve even met one, much less seen them in action.

I asked Sonder about the time travel thing, and he said yes, but it was kind of confusing and there were a lot of ‘buts’.  That time-hop thing they do is straight-up time travel, and so’s timesight in a way, but I’m not sure they can go back to the Roman Empire and stay there or something like that.  

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