Happy Birthday To This Site

This website’s now a year old, give or take a week!  In that time I’ve written and posted 43 Encyclopaedia Arcana articles, 6 Ask Lunas, 3 new book announcements, and who-knows-how-many interviews, reviews, and other bits and pieces.

I’ve also picked up a fair few readers.  I have a program called AWStats which I use to track website activity, and as of last December I’m averaging around 130,000 hits a month.  I’m not really sure whether 130,000 a month is a lot or a little, but from the comments and emails at least some people seem to be reading what I post up here, which always cheers me up.

I’m planning to keep going with the Encyclopaedia Arcana and the Ask Luna series for at least a while more, or at least until I run out of things to write about and questions to answer, respectively, which doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of happening just yet.  In the meantime I’m working away on Alex Verus #5, editing Alex Verus #4, and waiting for the next release date!

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7 Responses to Happy Birthday To This Site

  1. Just finished Fated! Loved it!!! I don’t read series all that often, but I’m looking forward to book 2! Great characters made for an awesome read.

  2. Benedict says:

    Glad you liked it – hope you enjoy the other ones too!

  3. Any chance you’re thinking of “reprinting” the children’s books you did (was thinking of my nephew when I explored them.) Of course, rights may not have reverted, but these days it’s not all that difficult to use Amazon’s printing service and make them available POD. Amazon bought bookdespository so they’d be available world wide. Just sayin’.

    What do you mean, there are are only so many hours in the day???


  4. Benedict says:

    Maria: makes sense, actually. I’ll have to get around to it one of these days!

  5. Helen Vaughan says:

    Hi Benedict, I’ve really enjoyed the first three Alex Verus novels. So edit faster please so that I can get stuck into no. 4!
    I’m getting stuck into having a go at writing a novel about a necromancer, which will be set in contemporary England. Please may I ask why you chose 1st person? I’m dithering at the moment. I’m used to academic writing and I have to say you make fiction writing look easy and it’s bloody we’ll not!
    Good luck with 4 and 5.
    Helen V

  6. Benedict says:

    I actually used to write my novels in 3rd person – I only moved over to 1st person after I’d been writing for years. It was a try-it-out-and-see deal!

  7. Gabby says:

    Cheers pal. I do apreacipte the writing.

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