Chosen UK cover release!

The UK cover for Chosen is out!  Provisional release date is 5th September 2013, assuming you’re in the UK (the Americans get it slightly earlier).  Here’s a first look:


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7 Responses to Chosen UK cover release!

  1. Very, very nice. Let’s see how different the US cover will be. Do you have a say in the matter or is it the publisher’s decision?

  2. A little! Depends how much of a fuss I want to make, really.

  3. Jenni Bird says:

    Can’t wait until September. I always recommend your series to other readers perusing the SF/paranormal shelves of bookshops.

  4. Already pre-ordered it! Very much looking forward to Sept.

  5. Benedict says:

    Jenni, Lisa – thanks! I’m looking forward to it too. It feels to me as though Chosen’s been done for a long time, so I’d like it to be out there!

  6. Claire says:

    Can’t wait for the release, I’m counting down the days! Buying Chosen will be the perfect treat after I finish my exams!

  7. Lina Sjoblom says:

    Love your books, can’t wait for Chosen!!!

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