Hidden US cover release!

The US cover for Alex Verus #5, Hidden, is finished!  Here it is:

hidden_front mech.indd


They definitely seem to be doing a colours-of-the-rainbow theme with the US covers.  I suggested green for this one (given which character the book focuses on, it seemed appropriate) but I guess they preferred red.  We’ve already had orange, purple, blue, and yellow, so I’m assuming green’ll be the colour for number 6 . . . or maybe indigo, or pink, or whichever the seventh colour of the rainbow is.  I’ve got a feeling it’s pink, but I’m not sure they’d want to use that!

I’m just finishing up the copyedits on Hidden this week.  Once they’re done it’ll go in for proofreading, and it should be released this September in both the US and UK.  Amazon have the UK release date as 2nd September, but I’ve no idea if that’s accurate or not.  I’ll post here when I have a release date confirmed.

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6 Responses to Hidden US cover release!

  1. Robert Eden and I are very excited to read the next one!

  2. Looking forward to reading the Hidden!

  3. Note to Benedict’s readers: If you bought Fated on your kindle you can get a greatly reduced price on the audiobook of Fated!

  4. Ben says:

    Any idea if the audiobook will be getting released at the same time as the book or will it be released later?

  5. margery vasher says:

    I can’t wait to get this!!! I am so excited!

  6. Marša says:

    Pink might look interesting but two missing colours are indigo and green 😛 Still I would like to see the pink one even if I prefer UK covers more than US ones (and as I don’t live in neither of those I have some books from US some from UK… depends from where I’m able to obtain it in withe reasonable shipping cost).

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