Ask Luna #41

From: Royd Burgoyne

Hi Luna!

Dedicated fan from Downunder here! Thoroughly enjoying your (and Alex’s) (mis)adventures but I’d love to know if we’ll be seeing more of the Blink Fox in future instalments?

He (?) seems like an intriguing character who will likely cause Alex some grief (eg. emptying the fridge) and we’d love to know more about him 🙂 Bottom line, I hope he features in future adventures! Thanks for any info! Warm regards,

Royd Burgoyne
Perth, Australia

I seem to be getting a lot of fans lately. That’s kind of cool. 🙂

His name is Hermes, and yeah, he empties the fridge a lot. Though not from stealing it, mostly from just nagging Alex into feeding him. Anne’s the worst, though. I think she’s got some kind of motherly ‘feed everyone’ reflex and every time she’s around seems to be when Hermes shows up.

Can’t promise he’s going to be sticking around, but he has so far, and he doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of going away, so it looks like it’ll stay like this for a while. Alex seems to have been getting on with him better and he’s even taken him out on jobs a few times.

From: Blake

what emotions were you experiencing when trying to get the fateweaver from alex ?

Wow. That’s a walk down memory lane.

Scared, mostly. I was in a lot of pain and I didn’t understand what was going on. And the way Alex was acting was really freaking me out. There was just something wrong about it, and I didn’t know why and I didn’t know what I should do.

It’s really weird remembering that first year. I get chills looking back on it, sometimes. I had SO little clue what I was doing and I could have screwed up so badly. I was really, really lucky. But then, I guess that’s what I’m good at.

From: Kari

Whoa! You have another teacher for your luck magic? How did you end up him/her? Are they affiliated with the light council? I mean, not that you can’t have a light mage as a teacher, it’s just I can’t believe you’d find one to take you on given your aggressive personality and MURDERING MASTER.

Yeaaaaaah, about that. Let’s just say that there’s kind of a reason why the ‘letting them take me on when I have a MURDERING MASTER’ thing got bypassed.

I probably shouldn’t be saying too much just yet – there are some really good reasons that I don’t want to be shouting about her/his identity too loudly. You’ll find out why soon enough. Lessons are going great though.

From: Andy d

Hi Luna
Through much of Alex’s adventure, it seems as if his effectiveness grows by virtue of experience and additional magic items, such as the armor and the sword he recently acquired. Are there additional innate magic abilities he could develop as well to increase his effectiveness. Thanks so much.

Don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Alex develop any really new abilities – he mostly just works with what he’s got. I guess he might have gotten better with his divination, but I don’t think he’s going to suddenly start throwing fireballs or anything unless he does something really out-there. And all the ways of doing that that I know of are extreme enough that I don’t think Alex would ever do them unless he got REALLY pushed to the wall.

Oh, and it’s mostly the armour, btw. I’m not even sure which sword you’re talking about. He’s got a bunch of them in his cabinet, but he doesn’t favour any one of them in particular.

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