Alex Verus #7 – Release Date

I had been going to do an Ask Luna for this week, but I just got a bit of news that I decided I’d rather share instead.  We’ve got a tentative but probable release date for the as-yet-unfinished seventh book in the Alex Verus series – the current plan is that it’ll be released in the US and the UK in April 2016.

(Yes, that’s right, this is two books in the future.  The next Alex Verus book is Alex Verus #6, Veiled, and it’s coming out this August.  You plan a long way ahead in the publication business.  On the plus side, this is actually slightly earlier than I was expecting, which is good news from my point of view – means I’m more likely to get my edits faster, which means you guys will get the following book sooner, too!)

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2 Responses to Alex Verus #7 – Release Date

  1. Andrew R says:

    Your Alex Verus series is amazing. I have had a great time reading and listening to them. I was so exited when I looked at audible and book 6 was available. I didn’t even know that a book 6 was in the works. I am so glad that book 7 will be coming out early next year as well. I have read and listened to all 6 books several times and have enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for everything you do.


  2. Theo Moulton says:

    The Dresden Files reference in book one got me curious and the ride just keeps on getting better and better. One request from a humble reader. DO NOT STOP!

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