Ask Luna #46

From: John D.

Dear Luna,

I know that Ariadne made your staff for dueling, but with your curse the way it is, do you have the ability to make a focus item for it (or Chance Magic in general)? Or is magical item design only for mages (as in, you need to be a full mage to have the ability to craft something)? For that matter, what kind of power does it take to make an Imbued Item? Obviously, again, Ariadne seems to have something in that range, but can any mage do it if they’re dedicated enough, is it dependent on power (or skill), or do Imbued Items from mages require something more to make real (i.e. a sacrifice)?

Thank you!

I dunno. Alex used to push me to try making one-shots, but I never really liked the idea. My new teacher seems to think I could do it, though. According to her it’s just a matter of practice.

But something like that focus whip that Arachne made would be a totally different story. That doesn’t just focus my curse – it adds a whole new ability. I think there are some mages who can do similar stuff, but from what I’ve been learning, Arachne’s kind of in a class by herself as far as that goes.

And yes, I’ve heard the same stories about needing sacrifices to make imbued items, but Arachne says that’s mostly rubbish.

From: A

So Luna,

I herd u liek mudkips.

Is it true?

Hey, 2008 called. They want their meme back.

From: jean martin

Hi luna,

heen reading your column since it started. I would like to know what type of mage Richard is

Yeah, so would we.

From: Zan

Hello Luna,

I hope your training is continuing without any serious mishap. Though, considering chance children have spectacularly bad days, it wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve had a few more than the average apprentice. My question is actually for Mage Verus, he’s a bit harder to get a hold of than yourself, so if you could pass it on, I’d be grateful. A few years ago, he had a run in with a particularly powerful entity during his… dealings with Mage Belthas. I was wondering if Verus had found out the entity’s name or any other information about her.

Wishing you luck,

Good question. I asked Alex about it once and he’s got . . . well, a theory. Or a name, anyway. He hasn’t told anyone, partly because it’d only cause trouble, partly because he doesn’t think anyone would believe him. I did wonder if he was right or not. If he is . . . well, it’s a strange feeling. Makes you feel very small.

Arachne would know, one way or another, but if Alex is right, it’d be a really personal question. He hasn’t asked, and so far I haven’t either.

And it’s nice of you to say, but I don’t need anyone to wish me luck. That’s one thing I’m never short of!

From: Alex

Hi Luna.

I was thinkng about Alex’s powers and I realised that his ability pool is really quite limited compared to other mages. Is this normal for some magic catagories? I ask because it really seems quite unfair for Alex to only have one trick, also wouldn’t this make diviners a lot more like time adepts than full blown mages?

Yeah, you’re not the first to think that. Or the second, or the third, or the thirtieth.

And you’re right, it’s not fair. Some mages get a whole slate of powers. Some adepts get just one ability that’s useful, or kind of useful, or maybe not useful at all. Some people only get the ability to sense magic. Some people don’t even get that. It’s just life, and it is what it is. You don’t get to pick the hand you’re dealt. All you can choose is how you play it.

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