Ask Luna #55

From: Daniel

Hi Luna,
reading the newspapers just a minute ago, I am wondering who would be more likely to help refugees – Light or Dark Mages?
Wish you well,

I can’t really think of any reason that Light OR Dark mages would spend their time helping refugees. They’re both too busy with their own stuff. Mages don’t spend much time doing charity work.

From: Leslie


Maybe I missed it (and if I missed it, just tell me what book and I’ll go back and read it there), but, what’s the story with Alex’s mother? Will we hear anything about or meet her? And will Alex’s father be back (arguments and all)?

He hasn’t told me. I’m pretty sure he was living with her before he joined up with Richard, but I don’t think he went back again afterwards. I get the impression that their relationship wasn’t the best, and it doesn’t sound as though it’s gotten better.

As for his father, Alex still talks to him occasionally, but not often. It always seems to put him in a bad mood when he does.

From: samuel

Okay, so Alex has saved quite a few people on numerous occasions. But, do you think Alex and the rest of the gang will ever take on a challenge that threatens the entire existence of the planet? Lets say something like the dark mages make or get hold of very powerful imbued items than enslave the entire world to their whims? Also I haven’t read veiled yet, so this could of have happened already…, but do you think star breeze will notice Alex hasn’t been calling on her and turn up out of the blue to save your lives? Gate magic is well rubbish compared to an air elemental at your beck and call.

Jesus. You want us to take on some bunch of Dark mages who are threatening the whole world? What, you think the stuff we do already isn’t dangerous enough? Sure, let’s go around picking fights with guys who are apparently powerful enough to enslave the whole planet, I’m sure that’ll go great. This isn’t Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

As for the less insane suggestion, we’ve actually tried finding a way to get in touch with Starbreeze, but it didn’t work. And yeah, I figure she’ll eventually notice that Alex isn’t calling her and fly around to see what’s up, but given that she lives literally for ever, ‘eventually’ means something really different than it would do if she were a human. Could be next week or next century.

From: BlackMass

Hey Luna I have a question of some importance. Was Aleister Crowley a real mage, hell was Rasputin a real age.

If what I learned in class was right, Crowley was a sensitive who got hold of a mangled book of spells and tried to peddle it as actual magic. (Which doesn’t work. ‘Spellbooks’ are just books of verbal components, and they’re only any use for mages who can use that type of magic already.) If he were a real mage, the Council would have shut him up.

No idea about Rasputin.

From: Andy deal

It strikes me that Alex has very formidable enemies and is merely an adjunct magical cop. Are there ways he can gain magical power , e.g. branch into related disciplines, so he can can improve his survival odds!

Yeah, it’s a problem, and yeah, he’s working on it. But the trouble with getting magical power is that every other mage in the world ALSO wants more magical power, and all the low-hanging fruit was picked a long time ago. I dunno, it’s something that’s been worrying me too. We’re going to have to think of something.

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  1. The questions should be, who’s more likely to be involved in mundane political manipulation? I’d hazard a guess it would be the dark mages.

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