Ask Luna #56

From: Alice

Dear Luna,

May I know if you are aware of the existence of any shops that sell magical objects in Ireland? Thank you 🙂

Yeah, there’s one somewhere in the north. Alex mentioned it once, and I remember him saying that it’s a little weird that there’s one there, since there really shouldn’t be enough people in the area to support a proper magic shop, so I guess there’s something a bit unusual going on. Never been there personally.

From: Lloyd

Hey Luna, big fan of how awesome you are. Wondering if you have chosen a mage name yet? Also when it comes to dueling who do you think would win in a azmiuth duel between you and Alex/Vari/Anne? Personally my money would be on you thanks to your range and experience. P.S could we get an encyclopedia entry on Alata

I’m not sure about a mage name. I was thinking about going with Zarine again, but it felt . . . I dunno. Wrong somehow. I guess I’m not sure if I like the thing that Dark and Light mages do, where they give up their old name and start going by their new one. It feels like they’re saying they’re better than everyone else.

For duelling, I can usually go about three for two against Vari. Against Anne and Alex I’d probably win easily. It’s kind of fake, though. I mean, take Anne – on an azimuth piste, I can beat her all day long, because she doesn’t have any range, so I just hit her every time she moves in. But Anne would absolutely destroy me if we ever fought for real.

And on Alata? Really? I guess I could look it up, but I don’t know a thing about the place.

From: Max

Hi Luna!

Hope you’re well, and thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. This column is brilliant.
I’m curious about Arachne; is she *the* Arachne, from the Greek myth, or is that a name she chose for herself like a mage name? If I recall correctly she once told Alex something along the lines of “a creator can act as a mother;” would this mean the dragon Alex met is Athena? Magical creatures from various mythologies seem to be around, if rarer than they once were; what about the gods & goddesses from those pantheons?

Maybe. Alex thinks she is, anyway, and he’d know better than I would. I’ve kind of danced around it with Arachne once or twice, but she doesn’t seem keen on talking about it, and I don’t want to push it.

I think some of the gods and goddesses are around . . . kinda. The way my teachers told it, they aren’t so much gods and goddesses as especially powerful magical creatures who made it into legends and started getting treated as gods and goddesses. Two thousand years is enough time for stories to drift a lot. But then, it’s not like the Light mages know everything, is it?

From: Monika

Hi Luna,

hope you are well.

I was wondering whether you enjoy lessons with Chalice. Are they very different from what Alex did with you?

And … do you trust her?

I guess Alex isn’t all too sure about her, is he?

Anyway, I hope you learn a lot with her.


They’re pretty different, yeah. No offence to Alex, but Chalice just knows SO much more about chance magic than he does. With Alex it was “Well, I don’t know if your magic can do this, let’s throw you in and find out”. With Chalice it’s more like, “Sure there are about five different ways you can do that, there’s this and this and this and maybe this, which one do you want to learn about first?” She knows so much it’s actually kind of scary.

As for whether we can trust her . . . I dunno. So far I’ve taken a chance on her, and so far it’s worked out. Until something changes, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.

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