Ask Luna #58

From: David

Hi. I was wondering if you knew the story about how Alex picked/got his “Mage” name Verus. The only other wizard that I have heard of who followed a similiar naming convention was Richard Drakh. Do you know if Alex choose from to follow the same convention as his old master or if it just sort of happened? Also you know a little about his dad now, have you ever looked up his original last name?

Funny you should ask – I finally got around to asking Alex about that a little while back. Alex told me that he didn’t so much pick the name as got told it, though he’s not a hundred percent certain whether the one telling him was someone else or not. That’s what happens when you do the vision quest thing, I suppose. As for why he’s using the same name convention as Richard, that is something I am definitely not asking. Alex gets compared to his old master enough that it’s a majorly touchy subject for him.

And no, I’ve never looked up Alex’s dad’s last name. Didn’t care very much, to be honest.

From: AcrossThePond

Been a bit since I’ve been around, but I’ve got what I hope is an interesting question for you: how are the rest of the Light mage governments reacting to the British decision to let a Dark mage inside, so to speak? Is this a globally unprecedented thing? Are the other nations flipping their proverbial shit, or does nobody particularly seem to care?

It’s not completely one-of-a-kind – it’s happened before. Thing is, the places where it’s happened before have all been other countries. And apparently, the British Council used that as a stick to hit the Councils of other countries with in the past – ‘why should we take you seriously when you can’t even keep Dark mages out of your own house’, that sort of thing. So now that it’s happened to them . . . yeah. Kind of embarrassing. I don’t get the sense anything much is happening beyond the usual bickering, though – everyone else has got their own problems to worry about.

From: Blackmass

Hey Luna just wondering what ever happened to lyle after the whitestone fiasco.

He got demoted, basically. He’d already been fired by Levistus after the screwup with the fateweaver – I mean, it’s not like he was teaching classes in the apprentice programme because he wanted to. So when he screwed up again helping Crystal, he got sent to the doghouse.

But what goes around comes around, and eventually he worked his way back into the Council’s good graces again. The whole White Rose disaster helped – so many Light mages got caught up in that that they were scrambling for new people who weren’t associated with it, and by then Lyle’s problems were old history. And from there he just picked up where he left off. Last I heard he was aide to one of the Senior Council called Undaaris, and as far as I’m concerned they can have him.

From: Leif Diehl

Hello Luna , I have a two part question – do you think you can get your gift sufficiently under control to have a boyfriend. Secondly, on divination, are there any magical branches sufficiently close, maybe fate magic, that are sufficiently close that he might branch into them. Would certainly help the cause !

First question – evidence so far is pointing to a maybe, which is an improvement on how it was before.

For the second one, I doubt it. Alex definitely seems good with fate magic – he picked up how to use the fateweaver fast as hell, even with the creepy possession thing – but it was the item doing all the heavy lifting. For whatever reason, mages can’t seem to use fate magic on their own, which is why they made those things in the first place. So unless Alex wants to go back to that place and have another go at psychically arm-wrestling an insane evil mind mage, I think he’ll have to make do with what he’s got.

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  1. Bruce Donohue says:

    Hello Luna,

    Hope all is well. I was wondering, how your apprenticing is going with you new but Dark Mentor? What have you learned since you started with her?

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