Alex Verus #8 and #9 Update

Alex Verus #9 has just hit around 50,000 words, which going by the average of my novels, puts it at a little over the halfway mark.  Of course, going by my last couple of novels, that word count would actually put it below the halfway mark.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m currently aiming for a May completion, so fingers crossed.  

For you guys, though, the bigger news is probably Bound coming out next month.  I’ll post the first chapter online next Friday, so you can get an early look at it then!

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5 Responses to Alex Verus #8 and #9 Update

  1. Jeni Lawes says:

    I’ve only recently started reading your books, I brought no. 3 and 4 today, but they’re so awesome and I’m excited about all future Alex Versus adventures!!!

  2. Bob Mandell says:

    Can’t wait: any chance we could get an earlier peak at at he novel?

  3. Jacob says:

    Bound is coming out in April!? Goodbye dissertation, hello Alex Verus!

  4. James says:

    When will book 8 “Bound” be available on audio from Audible

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