Ask Luna #88

From: Adam Jennings

Hi Luna or should I say Vesta. (Cool name)
I love to see how you’ve grown throughout your time with Alex. You have turned into a pretty awesome mage!
A couple of questions.

Starbreeze. Can’t Arachne make an item/focus for Alex to use to make contact with Starbreeze again. Alex hasn’t tried, but he found her once why can’t he do it again?

You have been to Elsewhere on two occasions, second time using the dreamstone.
Each time you have met a beast like creature what represents your curse.
Does this mean you could travel to Elsewhere to understand your curse and maybe control it more?

I believe Richard is a Diviner. He is smart, he knows what to say (probing different futures for the best outcome), he uses items like Alex, he says things like he knows the future in which someone was to attack him, Alex can’t detect a magic type aura ( Because divination is hard to detect), and he fights like a Diviner. I mean no other mage uses a gun apart from Alex, who is a Diviner. Richard used a world gate, maybe to travel to a different world or an alternative one. Which could mean how is is able to use an unknown magic type. Will we ever know where he went?

Anyway, keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next adventure.

Take care,

Adam Jennings

Alex doesn’t actually know how to find Starbreeze; she finds him. Elementals don’t really hang around humans these days, especially air elementals – they’ve gotten shy over the years, for good reason. It’s not easy to figure out how to get in touch with someone when you don’t have any kind of device for contacting them.

Going to Elsewhere to help with my curse . . . maybe. The thing is, nowadays I’ve got a pretty good handle on my curse already. I think if I met that thing in Elsewhere again, things would go better this time, but Elsewhere’s pretty unpredictable and I’m not sure what else might happen. I might have to do it some day, but I’d rather not until I have to.

Re: Richard being a Diviner, it’s on the list. As for where he went, who knows. Probably the only way we’d find out is by tracking him down and asking him. If you want to do that, go right ahead, but none of us are especially keen.

From: Jakob

Hi Luna,

This is Jakob. I recently read an interview with Alex, and can’t helping wishing you had given the interview instead.

I had some questions for you, that I hope you can answer and are not too spoilery.

Please answer the ones that you feel like answering, and I won’t mind if you ignore the rest.

1. Did Richard Drakh kill Caldera’s mistress?

2. What did Richard Drakh find in the different world he traveled to?

3. Can Talisid shape-shift into a lion?

4. Where do/did magical creatures get their magic from?

5. Is there an “origin” story for magic? Has it always been around or was it gifted to humanity at some point?

Thanks a ton,

1. No. Caldera’s mistress is retired but still alive, as far as I know.

2. I’m not sure how you’d expect me to know that. What do you want me to do, forward him your email?

3. I seriously doubt it.

4. They’re born with it. It’s integrated into them in a much more complete way than with mages and adepts.

5. There are a few, but I don’t know if any of them are true.

From: Michael

Hello Luna,

I’m still fascinated by what happened when Rachel became Deleo. Richard was expecting it, but the only insight we’ve been given into the event was the description of that strange being. Was that from elsewhere? like a manifestation of magic somehow (similar to how your curse appeared in elsewhere)? Does it come from a deep shadow realm, summoned by the … ritual, I guess, of taking someone’s magic?

I realize this is a topic few people know anything about, given Alex’s narrative on the matter, but considering the promises he made to Shireen, and the fact that Richard must be using this somehow to enhance his own magical abilities, whether directly or indirectly, I would think that Alex’s Diviner curiosity would have pulled him back to this to do some further digging at some point, even if just to ask Arachne….

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing more.

This seems to be a day of people asking me questions I don’t know the answers to. Maybe? Possibly? I don’t know how this stuff works, and I don’t think Alex does either. Elsewhere is weird at the best of times, and most of the times I’ve gone there, trying to logically analyse stuff hasn’t worked very well. If you get hung up on the bizarreness of what you’re seeing, you end up freezing. Going with the flow works better.

I don’t know if Alex has researched it specifically, but I have the feeling he hasn’t. I suppose you’re right that it could be useful, but we’ve had an awful lot of things to keep us busy over the past couple of years.

From: AJ

Will Alex meet with Star Breeze again?

Okay, seriously. How do you people expect me to know this stuff? It’s Alex who’s the diviner!

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  1. Damilola says:

    Hi Luna
    uhh… okay first off, why aren’t life mages immortal if the really strong ones can fix anything wrong with their bodies. i mean come on Anne can regrow nerves so it should be possible.
    secondly, what are you going to do now that you’re a full mage

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