Ask Luna #91

From: Peter Onion

Dear Luna/Vesta,
Congratulations on your Journeyman status 🙂
How is Alex coping with his new position on the Council ? I bet he’s learning more than he ever wanted to about th e Light Council ? 😉

Oh yeah, no kidding. He spends way too much time complaining to me about it. I think we’re his safety valve as far as that goes. When he’s with the Council he can’t ever let his guard down.

From: Nick Stephenson

Journeyman Vesta
Congrats on the name choice I thinks it’s awesome.
I have two questions
-If Alex can bring himself into elsewhere and can he bring elsewhere into what we perceive as reality. I ask this because I can’t get it out of my head of Alex making weapons out of thin air in elsewhere and to be able to do that in reality would be really cool.

The second question I have is, are you a respected person amoung adepts. I ask this because on a bad day you could take down a mage and on a really good day which I suppose you being a chance mage you have a lot of really good days you could take upwards to three mages at the same time. It took the entire night stalkers to defeat one dark mage and caldera was taken down by someone who was almost tailored to take her down. But I still think she was holding back a bit. But you can take on mages by yourself no help required. And when you face adept you seem to take them down easily. So are you thought of as almost like Landis is thought of amoung mages. Are you just respected or feared amoung the adept is what I’m trying to get at.

I don’t think there’s any way to bring stuff from Elsewhere into here. The feeling I get is that the weapons/buildings/whatever in Elsewhere aren’t really there. So trying to bring them out of Elsewhere would be like bringing a picture out of your computer and into real life.

Second question . . . that’s a hard one. Amongst adepts, I guess it’s a bit of both? Some respect, some fear, but not a huge amount of either. The thing about chance magic is that it’s not flashy, so you don’t get noticed the way other magic types do. So like you say, on a good day I can do quite a bit, but unless I do it in some really public way, it’s not really going to make an impression. As for mages, they mostly just dismiss me. When I mention it to Alex, he tells me that being underestimated is useful. I guess he’s got a point, but it’s still annoying. Oh well, it’s not like I need to impress them anymore.

From: Nicola

I was wondering: what’s Arachne’s opinion of Verus’ career? As much as he tried escaping Drakh’s clutch, he wind up becoming the Dark Mages representative in the Junior Council, after all.


Generally pretty positive. Arachne feels like a mother figure sometimes, but she’s a very ‘hands-off’ sort of mother. She’ll give you advice if you ask for it, but she mostly leaves you alone to do your own thing. I think magical creatures have a very different perspective on the Light/Dark division – they’re more concerned about how mages will treat them, and as far as that goes, being Light or Dark is a bit of a six of one and half a dozen of the other sort of thing. There are lots of Dark mages who have pretty good relations with magical creatures.

From: John

Hay Luna just wondering apart from your and Alex’s magic type which is your and Alex favorite and why. I ask this because Alex is always sayin that his magic is not very strong or he cant do this or that thanks. Love you and Alex best series of books i come across in a long time.

p.s. sorry if you have been asked this b4 lot of Q&A to go through.

No problem. I know there are a lot of the things.

I don’t know what Alex’s favourite is, but for my part, I’ve come to like my own. I think you kind of have to if you ever want to get really good at it. As long as you’re always looking at what other people have, and not at what you can do yourself, you’re going to miss things. I’ve made my peace with what I am.

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