Ask Luna #97

From: Mike

Did Alex ever consider Starbreeze to be a friend? If so, then why hasn’t he reached out to her. If not, then can anyone actually befriend an elemental?

Yes, he considered (still does) her to be a friend. He hasn’t reached out to her because the world’s a big place and it’s not very easy to find an air elemental in a billion cubic miles of sky. It’s not like she has a phone number.

From: Hazel

Hey Luna! It’s me again, I was hoping you could answer more of my questions, these are a little bit more random, sorry about that.
Does Alex have a drivers licence?
Do you like working at the shop?
Have you ever met a Canadian mage?
Does North Korea have a council? (I am actually guessing that a lot of people don’t really know anything about NK but i wanted to ask anyways.)
And finally, Do you ever want to become a Master someday?
I hope this wasn’t too much trouble! Thanks a bundle (Of kittens)!

Yup, Alex has a licence, though I think he pretty much never uses it.

I do like working at the shop, yeah. I’m starting to see why Alex did it for so long.

No, no Canadian mages, though plenty from the USA. They rarely seem to make it over here.

I think North Korea has a Council, though it’s a pretty weird one.

And no, I don’t really want to become a master. I’m pretty much done with the Council at this point and I’m happy staying as an independent.

From: Mickey

So Anne is “infected” or “merged” or “linked” with a wish entity. I remember that they could not wish for themselves, but since Anne has “compassion” could she not “wish” for a compatible body for the entity to transfer to? How dissimilar would it be from the tree spirit that transferred to a new tree? Wishes are supposed to be pretty powerful things! Sorry, it’s been awhile since I read “Bound” and I’ve forgotten the specifics … but I keep chewing on this. I know it’s Disney and everything, and Alex usually is patient to a point with us mundanes… but the parallel is when Alladin set (Robin Williams) the Genie free.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. BTW I cannot believe we have to wait nearly a year to find out what happens next!

We’re still not a hundred percent sure what happened with Anne and that jinn. According to all the tests we’ve done, it isn’t currently in residence in her head. We think. So it’s possible that nothing further’s going to come of it.

If that turns out to be wrong, then I think her making wishes is going to be the last thing any of us want. Those things tend to come with really high price tags. The idea of giving it a new body would be . . . I dunno. I suppose it could be a nice Disney-movie-type ending, but a part of me wonders if it’d be the equivalent of getting rid of one kind of ancient evil by creating a new one.

From: Henesys

What happened to Morden? Is he still alive or did they execute him right away? If they haven’t, what are they going to do?

He’s alive, sentence pending. In theory he’s due to be executed, but the Council seem to be dragging their feet over actually carrying it out, so he’s been locked up while they make up their minds.

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2 Responses to Ask Luna #97

  1. Jacob says:

    Hey Luna,

    I am a long time fan of this, but this is my first time writing in. I was wondering two things, primarily. First was about Richard, though I am sure that you are sick of hearing it. Second is a bit more specific.

    Richard uses untyped magic, opened a gate where nobody should be able too, and has been to other worlds beyond a shadow or bubble realm. To me, this seems to signify that he isn’t an elemental mage, nor a life mage, but a universal mage. Is it possible for him to be a sort of – and this sounds odd – but magic mage or typeless mage? Someone who does not have a particular set of spells, but rather who can reproduce a multitude of effects without having that specific type. I know you don’t KNOW, but it is just a thought.

    Next is this. Can a ward simply be overridden? For example, a gate ward. Could a mage gate himself inside by being so powerful that he overwhelms the ward?

    Thank you!

  2. Zack says:

    Hi Luna
    I have two questions.
    1. Is there any limit to a hybrid mage? what I mean by that is can hybrid mages use different magic families? Ex. A diviner, fire hybrid. Or a space, earth hybrid. I ask because the only hybrids we see have the same magic types. Rachael uses water and fire both are elemental and Vahala uses life and death magic which are both in the living family.

    2. what is the difference between life and death magic? I know that both life and death magic can kill but can only life magic heal? If so is there anything that death magic can do that life magic can’t?

    thanks so much for your time

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